Antarvis VMS For Windows PC Free Download 2023

Antarvis VMS For Windows

Antarvis VMS For Windows PC Free Download. Many security and surveillance devices can be connected to it using the Antarvis VMS For Windows software. The Antarvis VMS For Windows CMS software offers the capacity to link numerous devices from remote locations. It is reachable from any distant location. We’ll go over the entire Windows OS installation procedure in this article. Antarvis VMS For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac OS.

Antarvis VMS For Windows PC Free Download

Below is a link to the software download button. It is presented compressed. To download and install the file, you must first decompress it. Three steps are provided for the entire installation process.

You will learn how to install the app in the first step. This post will show you how to log in to the file in the second stage. You will learn to add the device and monitor cameras in the third and final phase. Download Antares VMS For Windows PC Free.

Antarvis VMS For Windows PC

CMS Importance For Surveillance

A CMS is a crucial and essential component of security and monitoring. It provides us with well-implemented security and safety measures. The data can be edited, transferred, and replayed using the content management system.

It is used to link the CMS with security surveillance equipment installed at various places. Users are given the control and ability to monitor their sites and places from any distance. In this manner, the user feels in control. They receive reliable monitoring and don’t miss any action. They can lead, direct, and oversee their workforce.

Information About Antarvis and ZKTeco Organization

The ZKTeco company is responsible for the creation and production of the Antarvis VMS software. This company is well-known throughout the world for biometric identification.

This company creates technologically cutting-edge hardware and software. Three areas are where this group primarily operates.

It has smart entrance and exits sophisticated technical product models that are employed in sensitive locations, and it is an expert in biometric verification as a core technique model.

This company’s software platform for item, vehicle, and people recognition sets it apart from the competition. It protects its users from erroneous triggers in this way. The app is sophisticated and clever.

Antarvis VMS Features

This software includes a lot of noteworthy features. Here are a few of them. You can use this application to the best of its ability with the help of these features and functions.

  • Any device can be added to this app by scanning the QR code.
  • It works with remote-access devices.
  • You may move the gadget around, zoom in on any object, or call someone directly from where you are.
  • You receive the video in real-time. The monitoring of activities occurs immediately after they begin.
  • From any foreign location, you can record the information, take pictures, and play them back whenever you want.
  • You may speak, see, and listen to any communication with the use of this software.
  • It allows for two-way audio.
  • The two-way audio is a crucial feature because it enables you to yell at any suspect and drive them away.
  • The application has a powerful sensor.
  • Motion and sounds are extremely easily detected by it.
  • If it detects something unusual, it sets off an alarm and sends a message.
  • The software can also let you pre-define sensitive zones.
  • The software sends you notifications and sounds an alarm whenever someone enters certain restricted areas.
  • This app works with PTZ gadgets.
  • With its assistance, PTZ cameras can be operated from any location.
  • From there, the processes for penning, tilting, and zooming can be managed.

Install Antarvis VMS Software For Windows OS

Install this program on your Windows computer. In order to do that, we must click the link button below. The setup file has been compressed. In order to download and install it, you must extract the data. Here, figures and diagrams depict the entire installation procedure.

It involves three steps. Installing the app is the initial step. The next action is signing into the application. The third step directs you to add the device and enable remote monitoring. Images and explanations are used to support each stage and point. Antarvis VMS For Windows PC Download Now.

Install Antarvis VMS Software For Mac OS

It is not feasible to install the application on a Mac operating system. For Mac OS, the program file is not provided. However, you must use the Android Emulator program if you wish to view your whereabouts on a Macintosh PC.

On Mac OS, install BlueStacks and launch the Play Store. Install the app by searching for it. After that, you must use your mail ID to log into the app. Use the app to read the device’s QR code. You can use an Apple PC to view cameras in this manner.

Install Antarvis App For Windows, login, and Add Devices

It is displayed here. For a better user experience, the entire illustration process is provided here. There are three steps that cover it. It relates to the stages of installation, logging in, and device addition.

How to Install the Antarvis File?

  1. It is displayed here. For a better user experience, the entire illustration process is provided here. There are three steps that cover it. It relates to the stages of installation, logging in, and device addition.
  2. Choose the app’s language. Click the OK button once the language has been chosen.
  3. You access the next page by clicking the button.
  4. The software file’s welcome page is located here. Close all other windows before loading the file and starting the installation. Click the following button. You’ll arrive at this page.
  5. Here, you must choose the folder and path locations. Give it a folder and a path. Click the following button.
  6. Here, a few features are listed. Pick out your favorites from among them. Please check the box. Press the next button after that.
  7. Here, a few features are listed. Pick out your favorites from among them. Please check the box. Press the next button after that.
  8. You can find all the details about your chosen options right here. Select the options you want to change, or click Install if you don’t. The file is currently loading.
  9. Here, you can find all the information regarding the options you’ve selected. If you make your selections, click Install; otherwise, don’t. The file is now downloading.
  10. The installation procedure has ended. Hit the “Finish” key. Step 1 has thus been completed.

How to Log into the File?

  1. We’ll now access the installed file. The following window appears when the file opens.
  2. We are being prompted to log in to the page. To sign in, we must enter the password.
  3. The username and password are both set to “admin” by default.
  4. Login by pressing the button. This window shall appear.
  5. It serves as the application’s home page. It is a sign that we have successfully signed in to the file when the homepage appears.

Add Device and Monitor Cameras?

  1. Select the Device management option on the main page after opening it. Click it to advance to the following page.
  2. You are being prompted to add a device. Select that choice. The new page for adding the device will then display.
  3. Please enter all relevant device data. then click the save button. The gadget is added and stored.
  4. The three-step process for installing, logging in, and adding a device is completed in this manner.


Here, the Antarvis VMS For Windows has been installed. Many devices are linked to this app through a CMS wizard. The example process is provided for the sake of clarity. A comprehensive explanation of the benefits and logging in has been provided. The software download button is provided. The information will start to load after you click the link. Images and text are used to illustrate the installation process.

Please contact us with any questions if you experience any problems downloading, logging in to, or connecting your device to the app. We’ll reply to you in line with that.

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