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BTGIP For Windows PC Free Download 2023

by Ejaz Mughal
BTGIP For Windows PC

BTGIP For Windows PC Free Download. BTGIP For Windows is a wizard that is provided here for viewing CCTV cameras. Here, we’ve examined this CMS in its entirety. The download button for the application is provided here as a link. The file is compressed. It needs to be decompressed before the application is installed. Here are links to the applications for Windows and Android.

BTGIP For Windows PC Free Download

The entire downloading procedure for the Windows OS has also been provided here. It is shown in an example form. It will lead you through each step. You can accomplish anything on your own without help if you see it and learn how to do it. The BTGIP program adds many devices to observation, increasing its importance. BTGIP For Windows 7/8/10 and Mac.

BTGIP For Windows PC

What is a CMS?

A program called the Central Monitoring System enables us to examine various gadgets deployed in various locations. Through IPs, the CMS may connect these devices. You might be able to use it to access devices in other countries. The Owner is given control over it.
They can monitor and direct every activity. A CMS has the ability to edit, alter, record, replay, and capture photographs. The application is designed to make monitoring easier. Large areas, factories, institutions, roadways, etc. are all monitored using it.

About BTGIP For PC 

The incredibly well-known CCTV association BOLIDE Technology Group is in charge of organizing and promoting it. The company has its headquarters in southern California. It is a well-known firm that provides CCTV surveillance throughout the world.
It has a significant market value and a strong brand. Its most recent and well-known products are available. The organization offers a three-year warranty. Its CMS is really simple to download and set up. It is able to record, replay, edit, manipulate, and access sounds.
It can simultaneously connect more than 15 devices. Assume that each device is linked to 12 cameras. It indicates that you wish to use the CMS Wizard to access these 180 cams. An application that is accessible from anywhere can help with this.

What is BTGIP?

This application works particularly well for viewing cameras in remote locations. It produces beautiful images. It has a lot of high-quality components. It can display multiple cameras at once. One receives the application in a zipped folder. Install the CMS file on the PC after decompressing it.

BTGIP Features

This program includes a wealth of premium features. We’ve included the most recognizable ones here. These must be understood. Knowing them allows us to control them for better oversight.

  • It broadcasts live on the CMS. There is no waiting.
  • Continuous access to cameras is made possible by the streaming’s uninterrupted data flow.
  • The device may be easily accessed from any distant location.
  • It is able to log activities. On a PC or an actual gadget, you can record activities.
  • NVRs are also used for account recording. On the Cloud Server, you can additionally select web recording.
  • The application continues to capture live video from any distant location.
  • This program allows you to operate PTZ cameras from your desk.
  • You can effortlessly record, zoom, pan, and incline.
  • It can monitor for you, control audio for you, show playbacks for you, track activities for you, and more.
  • It accommodates sensors
  • The application alerts you to suspicious activity by sending you notifications and sounding alarms.
  • It uses sensors able to hear and see movements.
  • It is an audio-controlled, two-way application.
  • To the person on the other end of the gadget, you can send any message.

Download For Windows OS

A compressed document contains the connection information. To stack it on your PC, you must first loosen it. The Windows OS download button is provided here. To download the app, click the provided link.
We have performed the entire Windows installation procedure. There are several diagrams in it. You can accomplish it by using the steps listed above. This information is provided as a guide and is simple to follow.

Download For Mac OS

The organization has not provided a link to BTGIP For Mac OS on this page. However, we must use the following methods if we still wish to access the CMS on a Mac PC.

Bluestacks is a program that can be used for that. This application is cross-platform. With its assistance, download Windows over Mac. An Android emulator can also be used to install Android OS on Mac OS. On this PC, cameras can be watched in this manner.

Download For Android OS

You must download and install this program if you want to check the cameras on an Android phone. The Google Play store has access to the application. Introduce it, then add the device after it has been installed. You must scan the QR code for the device to be added in order to do it. The app will ask you for a few more instructions before connecting the device. Enjoy keeping an eye on the screen.

Install the BTGIP For Windows OS and Monitor Cameras

The procedure for installation and monitoring is explained in detail. Here, it is completed in three steps. Install it as a first step. Sign in to the application as the second step. Add the device and monitor in the third step. There is a loading button for the software. It is contained in a zip file. The file must first be unzipped by extracting it before we can proceed with the installation.

How to Install the Software?

  1. We must click “open the setup file” in order to install. The next window appears
  2. The user client is welcomed on this page. asks the client whether they have any other running programs and if so, close them first. To proceed to the next level, click the next button after that.
  3. The folder and path to load the application are chosen here. After choosing them, click the next button. A fresh page will load.
  4. A shortcut folder will be created, according to the app. After that, you must assign the folder a location. Allow it to pass, then push the subsequent button. Opens this window
  5. The application begins displaying its material in the chosen folder. When the software has done loading, the Wizard will notify us with a notification window.
  6. Hit the “Finish” key. We set up the application in this manner. The installation has been completed.
  7. We now proceed to the installation’s second stage.

How to log Into the Software?

  1. We must launch the newly installed icon in order to log into the application. The next window will appear.
  2. Making a password is covered on this page. Use uppercase, lowercase, numerical, and special characters to create a strong password. After filling them out, click the next button.
  3. Make up a password. then enter it here. Click the following button. The next window will appear.
  4. Make up a password. then enter it here. Click the following button.
  5. In this case, the default ID is “admin,” and the password is the one you chose. Login by pressing the button.
  6. In this manner, the login process is complete. The app’s home page appears. We’ll now go to the third phase.

Adding Devices and Monitoring Cameras

  1. We must first access the software’s home page in order to add the device. There it is—the gadget addiction. Toggle the icon.
  2. Please enter the information requested below. Enter the username, password, IP address, and name of the device. then press the add button. The gadget will be included.
  3. Please enter the information requested below. Enter the username, password, IP address, and name of the device. then press the add button. The gadget will be included.


Here is a link to the BTGIP App. Here, a load button is provided. Here, we’ve detailed the entire loading procedure. Every procedure has been followed. Diagrams are included in the explanation to help you become more creative. We complete it thoroughly in this manner. Please let us know if you run into any issues loading or installing. We’ll give you some insightful advice.

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