CTR-MAZi For Windows PC Free Download 2023

CTR-MAZi For Windows PC

CTR-MAZi For Windows PC Free Download. The program provided here for examining CCTV cameras is called CTR-MAZi For PC. Here, we have provided a thorough study of this product. The design of the download button includes a link to the software. The document is compressed with it. It must first be uncompressed before the application is launched. Here, the application is available for Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems.

CTR-MAZi For Windows PC Free Download

We have also included the entire downloading procedure for Windows OS here. It is presented in an illustrative manner. It will guide you incrementally. CTR-MAZi For Windows PC Free Download.

You can surely carry it out on your own if you see it and learn how to. The CTR-MAZi application adds multiple devices to monitoring, deepening it. CTR-MAZi For Windows PC 7/8/10 and Mac.

CTR-MAZi For Windows PC

What is CMS?

A program called the Central Monitoring System allows us to review various devices installed in various locations. Through IP addresses, the CMS may link these devices. It is reachable from far-off places. The Owner is given control over it.

They can control and direct every activity. A CMS has photo-taking, composing, recording, and playback capabilities. The application aims to simplify surveillance. Large areas, associations, traffic regulators, and other entities frequently turn to CMS for effective handling of their electronic security.

About the CTR-MAZi For PC CMS

The renowned CCTV company MAZi created it and is responsible for its marketing. The company is located in Italy. In 2013, four countries from the European Union founded this business. Since then, the security surveillance industry has benefited greatly from it.

Its products are trendy and up to date. The company offers a lifetime warranty and lifelong support on all of its products. Its CMS is quite easy to install and download. It is able to work with, access, modify, and record sounds. It can connect to more than 10 devices simultaneously.

Assume that every device has 10 cameras attached to it. It means that the CMS Wizard may display 100 cameras at once from any remote location. It is extremely well-known among fans of CCTV.

What is CTR-MAZi?

When monitoring cameras from a distance, this application is remarkably effective. It captures incredibly sharp images. It contains a lot of first-rate components.

It may display several cameras at once. The application is provided in a record of a zipped file. Launch the CMS program on the PC after decompressing the CMS file.

CTR-MAZi Features

There are several outstanding features in this application. Here, we just list the standout examples. Understanding these aspects is important. We can employ them for better purposes if we understand them.

  • It moves recordings made live. There is no waiting. The recognition of cameras is made coherent by streaming.
  • The program makes it simple to use the device. The capacity to monitor and oversee operations is provided by this application.
  • It has recording capabilities. You can choose to record it on the device itself or on your computer.
  • Additionally, you record audio and video in NVRs. The Cloud Server also offers the option of internet recording.
  • The program supports live video recording from any remote location.
  • This program allows you to operate PTZ cameras from your office space.
  • You can effortlessly record, zoom, dish, and slant.
  • It can monitor sounds for you, present playbacks for you, record activities for you, guard for you, and more.
  • By gathering real-time views, as well as by saving recordings and noises, you can keep track of events.
  • It maintains sensors.
  • The application alerts you to suspicious activity by sending you notifications and sounding alarms.
  • It uses sensors able to hear and see movement.
  • It is a sound-controlled, two-way application.
  • You can communicate with the person on the other side of the camera.

Download CTR-MAZi CMS For Windows OS

There is a zipped file with the link. It must be unfastened in order to be stacked on your PC. The Windows OS download button is provided here. To download the application, click the connection.

The entire Windows OS installation process is detailed here. There are several diagrams in it. For other PCs, you can handle it on your own. Find the link here. CTR-MAZi For Windows PC Downoad Now.

Download CTR-MAZi Wizard For Mac OS

The below link will download the file. We have provided the complete installation procedure for the application with that button. There are specific instructions for Windows. The same technology can be used on a Macintosh PC to do this.

Click the link to get it for a Mac or PC. The link is active and pressed. For downloading and installation, you must unsqueeze it.

Download CTR-MAZi App For Android OS

You must download and install this program if you want to check out the device on an Android phone. The Google Play store hosts the application. Once it has been installed, you must check the QR code to add the device.

After the device has been scanned, connect the device by following the app’s instructions. The screen will display cameras. The URL is provided below.

Install the CTR-MAZi Software For Windows and Add Devices

The installation procedure is described in detail. Here, it is completed in three steps. You must introduce the application in the first phase. You must log into the program next, and then you must add the device to the screen cameras in the third step.

How to Install The App?

  1. We must open the zipped file provided here in the form of a download link in order to install the application. To obtain the Setup file, extract it. To load the content on a Windows computer, click it.
  2. The initial window it displays is
  3. The program opens the aforementioned page. You are prompted to choose the features you wish to install on the PC. By checking the box, select them. then click the Install button.
  4. When you click it, the installation process starts. The folder you selected in the features section is loaded with all of its content.
  5. The procedure of installation has begun. It sends you a notification page after it’s finished.
  6. Hit the “Finish” key. This is how the application is set up.
  7. We’ll now proceed to the following action. The software login process is the next stage.

How to Log into Software?

  1. We must open the application’s icon that we just installed in order to log in. The next window appears.
  2. You must create a username and password on this page. Make them. Use a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, special characters, and number characters to create a strong password.
  3. Insert your ID and password in the slots, then click the Login button. It will load this page.
  4. Here, it is posing some straightforward queries. If you forget your password, you can use the answers to these questions to either recover it or generate a new one. Respond to them by clicking the login button.
  5. The Wizard’s homepage appears. This allows us to successfully log in.

Add Devices and Monitoring Cameras

  1. The menu option is available on the homepage. To access the adding of the device column, click it open. Launch it. It will load this page.
  2. The name of the device, IP address, port number, username, and password should all be mentioned. Click the Add button after that.
  3. The gadget will be included. You may add a lot of devices by using the same process. The subsequent page loads.
  4. In this manner, cameras show up on a screen that is associated with the apparatus. This completes the process of adding the gadget and monitoring the cameras.


The CTR-MAZi Wizard is strong enough to provide views of numerous devices on a single screen at once. This page has instructions on how to download and install using the provided link button. We have provided a link for it that works on Windows, Android, and Mac. Additionally, we provided a screenshot of the software being installed on Windows OS. Also discussed are the App’s features and functions.

Please share your questions if you encounter any difficulties loading, installing, or adding the app to a device. We would support you in finding solutions.

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