EYECAM For Windows PC Free Download 2023

EYECAM For Windows PC

EYECAM For Windows PC Free Download. An app for monitoring security surveillance equipment is called EYECAM For PC. This information is provided so that you may have a good notion about this program. The download links for Windows and Mac can be found in this article. A formatted application file is provided that is encrypted. To acquire the program for downloading and installation, unsqueeze the file.

This page contains instructions on how to install this software wizard. EYECAM For Windows PC. It’s available for Windows. Here, we’ve outlined how to add the device, log in to the program, load the file, and view cameras step-by-step.

EYECAM For Windows PC Free Download

The process is shown in three steps. The first stage of program installation is displayed. The second step for login into the camera is explained. Free EYECAM For Windows Download. PC you will observe attaching the gadget and watching cameras in the third step. EYECAM For Windows 8/10/11 and Mac

 EYECAM For Windows PC

Why CCTV CMS is Useful? 

You want to monitor your CCTV cameras with the broadest possible coverage when you install them on your property for safety and security. You can view cameras using the app from any distant location. The program has the ability to modify files, index them, continue recording, display playback, and store data on a cloud server. It can simultaneously connect a lot of devices. You get the benefit of being able to view numerous locations simultaneously. The CMS offers the user client the greatest amount of oversight freedom.

From your office, you can access numerous destinations, all on a single screen. You don’t need to fill up the screen or switch between apps on different devices in order to see more locations. You gain confidence as a result. From there, you may control this CCTV equipment. As a result, you have control over the situation.


It is an application that can link to a variety of surveillance equipment. Nelly’s Security is the company that created and produced it. It is an American business that sells CCTV equipment. In a garage, the company was established in 2008.

More than 200 people work for the large organization now. The Eyecam software is a Nelly’s Security subsidiary. The product offerings from this company include security surveillance, access control, alarms, and automation. It’s a clever app. It is a sophisticated CMS. It is able to transmit and detect activity. The software is intended to monitor behaviors and prevent threats. Remote access to this software is available from anywhere. The devices also allow us to use them from anywhere. PTZ cameras are compatible with this operation.

EYECAM Features

Numerous great features exist. We’ve listed a few of them for easier application management. Knowing these features will enable you to utilize this software to the fullest extent possible.

  • We get live streaming from it. There is no lag in the activity that is occurring and being relayed.
  • It controls data in sparsely connected locations. It makes use of powerful technology.
  • Continuous live streams are relayed through it.
  • At once, it may connect more than 20 devices. They are reachable from any distant location.
  • You can record videos with the app. Playback, picture-taking, data export, and device control are all possible.
  • You can use the app to control the gadget from your location.
  • From a distance, you may pan, tilt, and zoom the PTZ Camera.
  • Two-way audio is supported by this device.
  • The person on the other side of the device can hear you and respond to your words.
  • If you notice any threat, you can send them notes to let them know.
  • This function is highly helpful in protecting the owner from trespassers and potential suspects. You can frighten the threat by yelling at them if you notice anything odd. Additionally, you may sound an alarm and confine them.
  • The app is sensor-compatible. It is simple to detect audio and motion.
  • It sets off alarms and sends signals to you whenever it detects any unusual movement or sound.
  • Your sensitive zone can be set by the sensor, and it can be protected. You receive alerts when someone tries to barge into this area.
  • The camera has an excellent resolution. It produces clear visuals.
  • By serial number, IP address, or QR code, you can add devices.

Download EYECAM For Windows OS

You must click the application file provided below in the download button form in order to install the program for Windows. The file is compressed. To load it onto the PC, you must first decompress it. Click the application file after that. Here is a detailed explanation of the Windows installation process.

There are three steps to it. Installation is illustrated in the first stage. You can log into the app in the second step. EYECAM For Windows PC Download. The third and final step involves adding and monitoring devices. Bring them in. Each step and point is illustrated with a diagram.

Download EYECAM For Mac OS

Click the application file provided below in the form of a download button to install the program for Windows. An archived file exists. In order to load it onto a PC, you must first decompress it. Once that is done, click the application file. Here is a detailed description of how to install Windows.

Three steps are taken to provide it. Installation is exemplified in the initial phase. The login for the app is displayed in the second step. The addition of devices and their monitoring is the third and final step. Deliver them here. There is a picture and a diagram for each step and point.

Install, log in, Add The Device, and Monitor

You must click the application file in order to install the app. Install it after removing it. It will continue to direct you in your actions. The next step is to log into the app and add the device. You will be able to view cameras after it is added.

How to Install the Software?

  1. Open the setup file to begin installing the Wizard. You will be led to different phases by it. The following page loads as soon as the software is loaded.
  2. The software’s welcome page is located on this page. It welcomes users and requests that they check the box next to the agreement window if they agree with the terms and conditions. Read the contract. Click the next button if you’re satisfied and happy with it. There will be a new page.
  3. On this page, a few features are listed. If you want to keep an eye on them, you must choose them. Check the appropriate boxes, then click the next button.
  4. You can see the installation path and folder on this page. To load the app, choose the folder and the location. There must be no additional files in the folder. then click the Install button. It will display this page.
  5. The material is being installed via the root file. The file is being kept in the folder. It will let you know when the installation procedure is complete.
  6. The installation is now complete. When the app is done, a message is displayed. Step 1 is now complete.
  7. The following move will be made. The purpose of this step is to log into the app.

How to Log into the App?

  1. You must select the newly installed app’s icon in order to log in. Opens this page.
  2. Password creation is now the next step. Always choose a strong password that combines upper-, lower-, alphabetic, and numerical characters.
  3. Press the following button after placing them. You’ll arrive here.
  4. This webpage will load. A few easy questions will be asked of you. It keeps track of passwords. You must provide the same response if you forget your password in order to recover it. Then click the Finish button.
  5. The username and password should be entered. Press the login button after that. The default username and password are admin and whatever you came up with, respectively.
  6. This is the homepage of the app. This way we have logged in to the software.

Device Addition and Monitoring

  1. Open the homepage and click the “+Add” button to add the device. The window shown below appears.
  2. The device name, IP address, port, username, and password must be entered. then click the Add button.
  3. You will notice cameras connected to that device once it has been added.
  4. We are able to monitor the gadgets in this manner. Each gadget needs to be independently connected.


EYECAM For PC is a simple program to install and use. It allows you the power to control and handle equipment while you’re in a distant area. They are portable and usable everywhere. Dual-way audio helps to communicate messages, while sensors guarantee our safety and security. This software contains many useful features and capabilities. Free EYECAM For Windows PC Download. You obtain the most security by employing them. Please contact us with any questions you may have about downloading, installing, running, or adding the device. We’ll deal with them to find a better solution.

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