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GoldnetHVR for Windows PC Free Download 2023

by Ejaz Mughal
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GoldnetHVR for Windows PC Free Download. A CMS Wizard for security surveillance is GoldnetHVR for Windows. It connects you to a variety of gadgets and lets you view numerous sites from your workplace. We will provide you with GoldnetHVR software for Windows, Mac, and Android OS in this article.

This software is provided in the form of compressed files. You must first decompress the file to obtain it. We have also provided step-by-step instructions here to walk you through the entire downloading and installation process. A schematic is provided for each stage.

GoldnetHVR for Windows PC Free Download

It provides you with a thorough understanding of the installation system. Here are the instructions for Windows OS. We can do it for Mac by using a similar process. GoldnetHVR for Windows 8/10/11 and Mac OS.

GoldnetHVR for Windows

What is CMS?

CMS, or content management system, is the official name. A CMS is a program that can let you store, index, search for, retrieve, edit, record, and playback data. It implies that it is capable of carrying out a staggering number of tasks at once. It enables us to connect and control numerous gadgets. The ability to access those many devices from any distant location is this app’s major benefit. It implies that you are not required to be present to supervise and monitor those areas. Your time and energy are saved. You may invest your time and effort in another worthwhile activity.

Consider the scenario when you need to keep an eye on seven different websites. Ten cameras are built into each device at each location. It means that a total of 70 cameras have been placed. Additionally, it indicates that these 70 areas are sensitive, which is why cameras are present to watch over them. You want to be able to view all 70 of these CCTV cameras from your workplace, which is located somewhere else, on a single screen. The only item that can make that happen is the CMS Application. This is the CMS’s aesthetic appeal and usability.

What is a GoldnetHVR?

Retro Technology created and sells the GoldnetHVR. A Turkish firm runs it. The business offers a variety of security surveillance products. DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras, PTZ Cameras, HD Cams, Accessories, etc. are all included. The business was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2005. GoldnetHVR for Windows PC Free Download.

This program works incredibly well for watching cameras. It can transmit fluid video through many different connections to devices. Due to the app’s usage of cutting-edge data technologies, remote access is excellent. In low networking locations, it automatically corrects data relays.

GoldnetHVR Features

There are several high-quality qualities in this CMS Wizard App. It enables us to make the finest and most effective use of this app. Understanding these operations is crucial. To make the greatest use of this application, we must be aware of its features and functions.

  • It gives us a real-time, lag-free vision.
  • The real-time relay maintains genuine vigilance
  • You can use the program to control PTZ equipment from a distance.
  • You may pan, rotate, and zoom in on the PTZ cam using the application.
  • The ability to see clearly in the dark. You can trace faces and see everything clearly.
  • The Wizard has the ability to record events, replay them, and take pictures. You will feel safer doing it this way.
  • Even if you are not watching 24 hours a day, if anything bad occurs while you are away, it is recorded.
  • It is able to recognize the sound. This app is even a lot more effective because of the two-way audio.
  • The consumer can communicate with a representative from the gadget side.
  • Intruders and suspects performing illicit activities on the cam end can be chased away with great success using this technique.
  • You can yell at them or sound an alarm to warn other people.
  • This application is logical and insightful. When a threat is suspected, it sends messages and alert alarms to the customer.
  • The resolution offered by this app is superb. The pictures are clear.
  • The system is sensor-capable. It can tell sound from motion. It is also capable of identifying risks in specific zones. You must feed the program list’s sensitive sections in order to achieve that.

Download Free GoldnetHVR For Windows PC

It is available for free here in compressed file format. You need to un-squeeze the file in order to do that. When you have the file, choose installation from the menu. Here, the entire installation process has been completed for you. You can accomplish it yourself with its help. Every step has been considered and is shown with pictures. It is simple. You must comprehend the three steps. The first stage is installation, the second is login, and the third is adding a device and monitoring the cameras.

Download Free GoldnetHVR For Mac OS

The firm has not provided the Macintosh PC link. Therefore, a Mac OS download link is not possible. However, you must load Windows over Mac if you still want to watch live video on your Mac OS.
Utilizing an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, etc., is possible. Over Mac OS, you can also download Android OS.

Download Free GoldnetHVR App For Android OS

It is provided for the Android app here. This app is available on the Google Play store. The transfer button for this app is provided below. Click the link to download the file. Install and download it on your smartphone. then incorporate the device. Scan the QR code to learn more. The app will provide you with step-by-step instructions. Follow them, and the gadget will be added. The mobile device’s screen will display the camera.

Install log in and Monitor

You can find the entire installation process right here. Double-click the setup file after extracting the file. Here, it is completed in three steps. We will walk you through how to monitor cameras in the first stage.
The login process will be explained in the following step. You will learn about adding the device and seeing cameras in the third and final phase.

How to Install the App?

  1. After extracting the link file, you receive the program setup file. Click the setup file twice. For you, a window will now open.
  2. Choose the Wizard’s language option. English has been chosen as the language in this instance.
  3. Press the subsequent button after that.
  4. The application greets you at this point and requests that you dismiss all other tabs before installing this Wizard. Press the next button in accordance with the instructions. This page loads up.
  5. This screen requests the location of the download and the name of the folder into which all of its contents will be deleted. Click the following button.
  6. You can see all of your options for the app installation in this window. By using the back button, you can modify your option at any time.
  7. Press the following button if you are completely satisfied. The window shown below appears.
  8. The building process starts. The file loads in merely a few seconds. It will let you know when all of the contents have been installed.
  9. The initial stage of installing the app is done in this manner.

How do Log in to the App?

  1. Open the app in order to log into the program. Double-clicking the Wizard icon will launch the application.
  2. The username and password are both set to “super” by default. There is no password specified. You are free to choose a password. Login by pressing the button.
  3. It serves as the application’s homepage. To access the application, follow these steps.

Adding Devices and Monitoring

  1. The Homepage is launched. Click the Device Management button in the system column. The next window appears.
  2. The IP address, port, device name, username, and password must all be entered here. Give this information, then click OK.
  3. Once the gadget is linked, screens with cameras will start to display.
  4. We can watch the cameras in this manner. We can add as many gadgets as we like.


In this post, the GoldnetHVR for Windows PC CMS Wizard is covered. Additionally, we have covered how to install the app, log in to the program, and add a device. Additionally, the features of this software were described. Also distributed was the link button. Share your questions if you experience any problems loading, installing, or adding. We enjoy helping you.

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