How to Download Private YouTube Videos? [5 Possible Workarounds]

How to Download Private YouTube Videos

YouTube is a go-to platform for users across the globe. Several people visit YouTube to obtain details for everything ranging from tutorials, mindless entertainment, education, the latest music, solutions, and much more. 

Some of the videos on YouTube are not available to download for general use. Those are private videos. Such videos require and mandates consent from the creator. It is quite irritating to not be able to download videos that you found valuable. 

Nevertheless, the possibility to download them is addressable. Now, you can even download private videos. In this article, we will tell you how to do it with 4 quick workarounds. 

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is an authentic private YouTube video downloader. It lets you download videos in 4K, 1080p, and 720p resolutions. It also have the capblity to covert youtube to wav converter which is quite good. Follow these steps using computer devices to access private videos:

  • Visit YouTube and look for any private video that you want to download.
  • Copy its URL from the address bar.
  • Download & install the 4K Video Downloader on your device. And, launch it once installed completely.
  • Then, click on the “Download Private YouTube Video” option.
  • Paste the copied URL of the private video.
  • Click on “Download”. It will save the video into the program’s download queue. 

ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader manages all downloaded private YouTube videos in one place. Additionally, it also allows users to download videos from social media platforms. But it is best suited for YouTube. Here is how you can do it:

  • Download the “ByClick Downloader” application on your device.
  • Head towards the “Options” tab under accounts.
  • Go to YouTube and copy the URL of any private video.
  • Get back to ByClick Downloader, from the main menu, and press “Save”.
  • On the “Paste URL” section attach the copied link of your preferred private video. 
  • After the detection of that video, you can download it. 

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an media player software which is open-source. This software supported the playback of numerous file formats. You can use this software to download private YouTube videos without access. Follow these steps:

  • Download and install “VLC Media Player” software on your computer devices. 
  • Launch it and from the menu bar, click on “Media”.
  • Now click on “open network stream”.
  • Visit YouTube and copy the URL of the private video that you wish to download. 
  • Get back to VLC Media Player. On the “network URL” field, paste the copied URL. 
  • Then, right-click on the video and click on “Record”.
  • Once the video is completely recorded, head toward the menu bar and click on “File”.
  • Finally, select “Save”. Rename your file before saving it. 


The next on the list to download private YouTube videos is “ClipGrab”. This software is free to use. Additionally, it allows users to download videos from various video-sharing sites. For instance, you can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Follow these steps to learn how to use it:

  • Install the ClipGrab software on your device.
  • Till its installation, copy the URL of the private video you wish to download.
  • Launch the ClipGrab software. In the “Downloads” tab, paste the copied URL. 
  • Click on “Grab this clip”.
  • ClipGrab will analyze the video.
  • After the completion of analyzing process, choose the download format and video quality. 
  • Click “Download”. You can find the saved video on your hard drive. 

Firefox Add-On

The simplest and easiest method to download private YouTube videos without access is taking help from the Firefox add-on. It is also known as the “Video Downloader Professional”

Follow these steps to learn how to download private videos from YouTube:

  • Get the Firefox add-on from here.
  • Launch the Firefox browser and reach out to the YouTube pages. There, you can search and view private videos. 
  • Once you are accessible to the page from where you wish to download videos, click on the “Firefox add-on” or “Video Downloader Professional add-on”.
  • Choose your preferred version from various download options that include various video qualities. 
Note: YouTube videos with a resolution of 1080P or higher store audio and video separately. Consequently, with the Firefox add-on, you are only allowed to download videos up to 720p video quality. 

Final Words

There were a few workarounds you can follow to download private YouTube videos within minutes. These workarounds are the most opted ones. But, we recommend you always adhere to copyright guidelines. This will help you to avoid encountering any copyright infringement claims. 

Besides, try to get consent from the creator to download before proceeding with any other workarounds. We advise you to remain careful with the usage of third-party sites or software. Also, stay away from sites or software that prompts you to enable Java or download extensions or software.

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