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Importance of Address Verification through e-IDV in the E-Commerce Industry

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Importance of Address Verification through e-IDV in the E-Commerce Industry

The rise in digital media has given hackers more means to surpass companies’ security. These crimes are increasing daily, they cause huge losses to businesses, therefore the regulatory authorities have made it essential for businesses to verify the identity of the users so that the risk rate can be mitigated. The e-IDV is a biometric solution, which is used to check the customer profile. Companies can lessen the probability of the expected future scams.

Introducing e-IDV Process

Electronic verification is done to check the validity of the clients, the system certifies that they are collaborating with the right person. If the business is not compliant with the government rules then they are more prone to data breaches. In the e-commerce industry, it is essential to properly check the address of the user so that they can not cause loss to the company. In retail, some people add the product to their cart but do not buy anything. This act just generates traffic, which causes inconvenience for the other clients. Other than this some people order the product, and do not receive it, they perform this activity for just fun purposes. Therefore, the owners have to verify the address of the users through electronic ID verification to check that the authentic client is ordering the product.

User Identity Verification: How it is Helpful for the Firm?

The biometric solution saves the record of the client and uses it for future purposes. The customer does not have to recall the passwords, they just have to face the scanner. Other than this, the clients do not have to fill out the entire form by themselves. The system keeps their record, and auto fills it. The users feel it is very convenient, saving their time and preserving them from lengthy processes.

In the e-commerce industry clients find this verification very easy and prefer the company that integrates these address verification systems.in addition, these advanced tools ensure that the product is delivered to the correct location. The false delivery causes dual loss to the companies, as they have to bear the financial loss or the reputational damage. The users do not prefer to choose a company that offers poor delivery, therefore the organizations must use electronic identity verification.

Importance of Customer e-ID Verification

The following are the reasons why the demand for the e-IDV is increasing daily:

  1. Optimize Checkout

When the user has to fill in the whole address form, they find it inconvenient thing; some hackers are very lazy when leave the product after adding it to the cart. As they find it a boring task to type their through the record, therefore companies have to integrate biometric solutions, so that they can create convenience for the clients.

  1. Enrich Database

Organizations have to maintain complex records of their deliveries and other tasks. The employees find it very hectic to perform the whole activity. The machine learning tools are used to keep the information of the company and then manage it.

  1. Increase Deliverability

The biometric solutions regulate the working of the companies, when the client places any order the system keeps track of it. The companies have to meet this deadline and deliver the product at the right location to satisfy their users. This resolves the issues related to the wrong address or the postal code. The conventional means were not very appropriate because the employees have to measure the whole activity, and they sometimes commit mistakes, therefore it is suggested to use advanced means.

  1. Economic Resolution

The companies do not have to pay the salaries to the large number of the employees, the artificial intelligence tools are employed to onboard the users. These solutions safeguard the companies’ credentials and provide them with seamless services. The government has made it regulatory for organizations to follow these guidelines and save their miscellaneous expenses. The businesses that do not follow these rules have to bear the loss, therefore compliance with the solutions is an economic resolution.


The eidv solutions are giving astonishing services in the e-commerce industry, they verify the address of the clients. When the user’s activity is verified then the probability of the risk is reduced. Therefore it is suggested to integrate these tools so that the companies can preserve their credentials. Businesses can increase their revenue through biometric tools and rank them globally. The clients do not leave such a company, they stay loyal to the organization that gives them services according to their demands.

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