LTS Protect For Windows PC Free Download 2023

LTS Protect For Windows

LTS Protect For Windows PC Free Download. The effective CMS Application LTS Protect For PC. Numerous devices are connected to it, and the client can access them from anywhere. This page contains a download button for the LTS software. For Windows, Android, and Mac OS, the software is available.

It comes with a compressed format file for the setup file. Before having installed the file on PCs, you must extract the file. This article also contains instructions on how to install Windows OS. Each stage of the installation process is described. Download LTS Protect For Windows PC Free

LTS Protect For Windows PC Free Download

Additionally, it has a tonne of schematics and pictures. Here is where you log into the application. Here, we’ve also demonstrated the device’s addition and camera monitoring. LTS Protect For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac OS.

LTS Protect For Windows PC

What is A CCTV CMS?

To add cameras to it for remote access, use the CMS Wizard tool. The program may connect with numerous devices and is accessible from anywhere. The CMS, or content management system, is a potent piece of software.

You can use it to edit the data. It allows you to index through it, capture data, play it back, export it, and edit it. You may use it to capture pictures as well. You may pre-schedule a lot of activities using the CMS. Two-way communication is supported. It also provides support for the sensors. It is really beneficial for customers. The CMS Software is more beneficial to you when your area of work expands. Sitting in your office, you can cover all of your various sites. On a single screen, it can display images from over 200 cameras.

You can access many connected devices and utilize them to observe and control them from a distance since it is very useful to you.

More About LTS Protect For PC

LTS Industries created and produced the LTS applications. The organization is American. This business offers a variety of security surveillance products. It works with all NVR and DVR models. The cameras come in every imaginable kind and category. The cameras use cutting-edge technology and great quality. The product has a strong brand value and is long-lasting.

This program has intelligence. Many motions and sounds can be detected by it. If it notices any questionable activities, it can sound alerts and send you to push messages. More than 20 devices can be connected at once using the app. As a result, you can benefit from 20 sites’ protection in one location.

LTS Software Features

This software has some fantastic features and traits. Here, we are outlining the main advantages of it

  • The application offers a live view.
  • You are given a constant vision. It doesn’t have a time lag.
  • The program relays several streams.
  • The data from low networking locations is automatically corrected.
  • You can use it to record videos, see the playback, and export data.
  • You can use it to snap images and store recordings on a cloud server.
  • Two-way audio is supported by the app. Any message can be sent to a person using the device end.
  • Other people are alerted using this feature as well. You can sound an alarm or shout at anyone you think is acting suspiciously to frighten them.
  • The Wizard is sensor-compatible. Powerful sensors are used.
  • They can warn you if they detect any threats.
  • To protect you from dangers, they listen for movement and audio
  • You can select sensitive regions to be off-limits to intruders. You receive alert messages and alarm signals if someone enters that area without permission.

Download LTS Protect For Windows OS

You must click the link button in order to install the Windows software. There is a compressed file format for the application file. Prior to installing it, you must first unzip it. You must then log into the app after that.

After that, devices are added and monitored. Get the link and install the Windows OS process that is fully illustrated here. LTS Protect For Windows PC Now Free Download.

Download LTS Protect For Mac OS

The Mac application file is provided below. Get it by clicking the link. The file has been compressed. You must release the squeeze. The procedure for loading and installing is simple. You can examine the Windows installation procedure and similarly install the Apple PC program. It’s simple to accomplish.

Downoad LTS For Android OS

The link button contains the Android app. Install it by clicking. To download this app, head over to the Google Play Store. After installing the app, proceed to add the device.

You must scan the gadget for that. The program will then suggest certain actions. It will be added if you follow them.

Download For Android Smartphone

Install And Monitor LTS Protect For Windows

You must extract the file in order to install the program and monitor them on your Windows PC. The setup file will launch when double-clicked. Here, the entire process is broken down into three steps. Installation is the first action. To log in is the next action. The gadget is added in the third stage, followed by monitoring.

How to Install The Software?

  1. Click the setup file to install.
  2. The application’s home page appears. You are required to select a language. Additionally, you have attested to the agreement. Choose the language in which you want the program to be installed.
  3. Go over the contract. Tick the box to indicate your agreement with its terms and conditions, then click the next button. The next page will load.
  4. The menu folder appears. You must select the features you want to install from the list. Select the installation you want by checking the available options here. After checking the box, click the next button. A fresh window appears.
  5. This window shows up. You are prompted to enter the folder’s path and location. Choose them. Keep in mind that there cannot be any other files in the folder where you wish to empty the container. then click the Install button. It starts the installation when you press it.
  6. The installation portion is completed in one minute. It then informs you that the installation is complete.
  7. The completed installation is indicated in the window. The first step is complete.
  8. The process will now move on to stage two. It has to do with signing into the program.

How to Log into the App?

  1. Click the newly installed Wizard’s icon on the screen to log into the program. This window will now show up.
  2. The password must be created here. You must use lowercase, uppercase, character, numerical, and alphabetic characters in your password. Make a secure password, then enter it in the appropriate column.
  3. Press the following button once they are in place.
  4. In this window, specific questions will be asked of you. They are secured with a password. These solutions assist you in obtaining or generating the password if you forget it. Hit the “Finish” key.
  5. This page loads up. The username is admin by default, and the password is the one you chose.
  6. Now click the login button. The device will be logged in, and the screen will display the CMS software’s main page.

Add Device and Monitoring?

  1. Visit the CMS’s home page in order to add the device. The page features a “+Add” column. Toggle it A fresh window appears. You are asked to add the device to this window.
  2. You must enter the device name, IP address, port, username, and password on this page. After filling them out, click the Add button. When the device is added, cameras associated with it show up on the screen.
  3. The gadget is added in this manner, and monitoring starts. The three steps have been finished.
  4. Numerous gadgets may be added in this fashion.


The LTS application is a very user-friendly program that allows you to view a variety of devices at your convenience in far-off places. Here is the link for Windows, Mac, and Android. To install them, decompress them. To help you understand how it works, we’ve provided a detailed list of features.

If you experience any problems while downloading, installing, or keeping track of the device, do let us know in the comments section. We will support you in all of your efforts.

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