OzoSmartView For Windows PC Free Download 2023

OzoSmartView For Windows

OzoSmartView For Windows PC Free Download. The CMS software OzoSmartView For Windows is used. With the help of this application, CCTV equipment can be connected. Devices can be added and installed on PCs. Sites may be monitored from anywhere.

This page defines the OzoSmartView for Windows application. The specifics of this software are available here. You may then download it to your Windows computer and install it. The features of OzoSmartView for Windows CMS are also included in this post. OzoSmartView For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac OS

OzoSmartView For Windows PC Free Download 2022

The download link is provided as a zipped file. Before installing, crack open the button and remove the setup file. For Windows OS, the installation procedure is outlined in three parts here.

Get a detailed installation guide for OzoSmartView for Windows in the section below. The configuring process is illustrated via pictures and narrations. Three distinct phases are involved in defining it. The installation procedure is the initial stage. You will be directed to log in to the application file in the second step. The third step is attaching the device and following that with location tracking.

How Is A CMS Application Wizard Handy In Security Surveillance?

Monitoring can be greatly aided by a CMS program like OzoSmartView for Windows. The sites that are sensitive to us frequently have CCTV cameras installed. In other words, users place a lot of value on the coverage and oversight of these sites.

The user may or may not stay at the same place where CCTV equipment is installed, though. It’s possible that the user doesn’t live where they want to monitor their sites, or that their office is elsewhere. We need a CMS Wizard to handle the management of the devices for teaching and communication, total coverage, and 24-hour monitoring.

A CMS Wizard can be installed and updated on PCs. We keep an eye on it from different viewpoints to benefit from it. PCs can be set up to upgrade their systems with a CMS Wizard. As a result, we keep an eye on it from various angles and profit from its benefits and qualities.

What is OzoSmartView?

It is a CMS program. The Ozone group created it and provides it. This company sells digital safes, electronic security products, and hardware for buildings.

The company was founded in India in 1999. This business has so far grown to 21 other nations. This company came up with the idea for this software. You can control gadgets from anywhere, interact with people, and transmit any message. When you use this file, you stay vigilant and secure. It allows you to access activities remotely. You are constantly alert and watchful.

OzoSmartView Features

This application’s characteristic is outstanding. Take note of them here.

  • The app’s logo provides live feeds to its consumers. Watching the activity on the monitor has no time lag.
  • With the aid of a CMS, you can manage the equipment installed at sites from your location.
  • You can magnify the device, speak, listen, and keep an eye on things.
  • Also supported are PTZ devices. Pan, tilt and zoom are all options.
  • Due to the device’s incorporation of the most recent technologies, it provides you with the constant data flow.
  • You can communicate with folks on-site with the use of two-way communication. You can observe and interact with them.
  • With a two-way audio capability, you may inform others in various locations when you detect any potential threat.
  • The incorporation of sensors in the gadgets allows them to detect audio and motion.
  • It notifies you via texts and alarms.

Download OzoSmartView For Windows OS

You must click the link button provided below in order to download and install this program on a Windows PC. Get the file by clicking the button. It is made available as a compressed file. To obtain the setup program file, decompress it.

The installation procedure is broken down into the following three steps. There, you will learn the entire procedure. To fully understand the installation process, it is provided. Here, you can also find instructions on how to add devices and log in.

Download OzoSmartView For Mac OS

This cm is not available for Macintosh PC. The company has not given it to Apple PC. But if we want to install this file and monitor it, we have to follow a different procedure.

Install BlueStacks Android Emulator on Mac PC. BlueStacks software is available for Mac OS. Then, after the installation searches the app you want to load on the BlueStacks play store. It will further guide you till you connect with the device. The process is similar to Windows OS.

Install, Log In and Connect to the Device

Three stages are described here for the installation. The device must be configured in the first step. Logging into the application file is the second instruction provided here. The third stage involves installing the apparatus and seeing the cameras.

The link file is obtained when we click the download button. Run the setup file after removing it.

How to Install OzoSmartView for Windows CMS

  1. The app gets ready to install on the Windows PC when we extract the file and load it.
  2. The following dialogue opens as the setup file is prepared. It is the app’s home screen.
  3. The user is informed by the file that the Wizard is prepared to load. Click the following button. A fresh window will appear.
  4. This page contains the terms and conditions. All of the information about the agreement policy is available on this page. Read it thoroughly. Select the I accept option and click the next button when you are happy with them.
  5. The file requests that you select its path and folder. Choose the path and give it a folder. There cannot be any additional files in the folder. It concerns the features and capabilities that will be installed along with the program file.
  6. Please check the appropriate boxes. By selecting the change tab, you can modify the software’s path or folder from this page. Press the subsequent button after that.
  7. It is to let you know that the app is available for installation. The files can now be loaded. The software begins loading the file as soon as you press the next button.
  8. The program starts to load. The installation of the items takes a few seconds. You will be informed once it is complete.
  9. If you have a desktop icon for the installed application file, this dialogue will ask you. If you want an icon, select it; if not, leave it unselected. The webpage indicates that the installation is finished. Hit the “Finish” key.
  10. Step 1 of the file is finished in this manner. Step 2 will now be taken. It is for using the CMS Wizard’s Login feature.

How to Log into The Wizard

  1. Launch the installed program. The software will display a registration page when you first access it. It is used to store the password and username.
  2. state the username, then make a password. There are two more fundamental questions in it. Respond to them and take note of their responses. When you forget your password, you can use these questions to obtain it back. Select Register from the menu.
  3. Mention your username and password from the account you just created. You sign into the OzoSmartView for Windows software in this manner.

Add Device And Monitor Cameras

  1. This page appears once we login to the application file. It is the file’s home page.
  2. Go to the device section of this page and select “Add Device.”
  3. Mention the application’s IP address, port, username, and password here. Press the Add option after that. On the Windows screen, cameras will start to emerge once the device is added.


This post provides a description of the OzoSmartView software for Windows. The download URL for this file has been provided to the users. The features and functionalities manual is also available to them. The article includes illustrations of the installation procedure. Each step is described. It is simple to understand and set up.

Please post any questions you may have in the comment section about this CCTV CMS or any other Apps. We’ll address them and offer a resolution.

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