Paramont CMS For Windows PC Free Download 2023

Paramont CMS For Windows PC

Paramont CMS For Windows PC Free Download. A special piece of software is Paramont CMS For PC. It can be connected to a variety of devices. The ability to operate from any remote location is the best feature of any CCTV CMS application. We’ll examine the Paramont program in this post.

Here, you will find its link buttons. It is provided here for Windows, Android, and Mac OS. The link button is in a compressed file type. It needs to be decompressed before installation. Installation is an easy process. This chapter contains the whole installation demonstration.

Paramont CMS For Windows PC Free Download

It is shown in three steps. You are guided through installing the app in the first stage. The application part’s login is displayed to you in the second stage. The third step will teach you how to add the device and the monitoring component. Free Paramont CMS For Windows Download. PC Paramont CMS For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

Paramont CMS For Windows PC

How is CMS Wizard Useful For CCTV?

Any CMS is very useful for CCTV clients as it offers great monitoring and supervision flexibility. A CMS application is very helpful if you have many sites and want to manage them from a distance. It links numerous devices simultaneously and is built so that it can transmit every one of them in real time.
The Wizard has the capacity to relay, replay, and send data to any other device. It is therefore highly helpful in various ways. When the owner uses it, they can save time and effort. Because it serves as your guard, it also reduces the need for workers.

There isn’t a replacement for it. The files have been compressed. Therefore, you must decompress it anytime you need to utilize it. It is bright and shrewd.

About Paramont CMS

It is a true work of art. InVid Tech created and created the software. The company is situated in New York, United States. It produces security surveillance accessories and medium-range CCTV products.
A vast list of HD and IP cameras is available. In addition to it, this company offers a variety of DVR and NVR models. In this company, you may buy every accessory from the CCTV industry.
It has produced top-notch CMS software for security surveillance. It links numerous devices together and enables remote access to them. It increases the power of surveillance. In its shelter, you are secure.

Paramont Features

This software includes a lot of noteworthy features. These qualities benefit its users. Knowing them allows you to use the application to its full potential. Let’s examine this Wizard’s features.

  • The software has the power to correct little issues. This makes it immune to virus assault.
  • It has sensors and can maintain a backup of all the data. Numerous earlier activities are detectable.
  • The CMS can detect the audio and movements.
  • When it detects a threat, it transmits messages and sounds alarms.
  • Twenty devices can be connected at once. By scanning the QR Code, you can include those many devices.
  • It transmits a 16-camera real-time preview at once.
  • It can record audio and video, take pictures, and replay videos.
  • Any PTZ equipment can be readily controlled by the app from its location.
  • The camera can pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • Two-way audio is supported by the application. It has the ability to message the user of the device.
  • When you need to raise the alarm because you notice someone or something inappropriate on the camera side, it is also helpful.
  • It can display the playback of four devices at once.
  • Numerous functionalities can be configured remotely.
  • The recording can be modified.

Download Paramont CMS For Windows OS

You must click the link button in order to download and install the software on Windows. The URL is provided below. This is a crushed file format of it. It needs to be first decompressed before installation. Additionally, the entire installation process has been described here. Paramont CMS For Windows PC Download. There are three steps to it. from installation to logging in and adding the device. To make the installation process more user-friendly, it is replete with diagrams and pictures. You can do the task yourself by simply looking at the pictures.

Download Paramont For Mac OS

You must extract the file in order to load it on Apple PC. The below link will download the file. Get it by clicking on it. For Windows, the installation procedure is provided. For Macintosh PC, follow a similar procedure; you may easily do it yourself.

Download Paramont For Android OS

You must click on the link provided below to get it for Android OS. To get the link and open it on a computer, click it. It’s also available through the Google Play store. Download it and install it after obtaining it. Following that, you must sign in to the app. Then add the device by scanning the QR Code. You must do it this way by installing it on an Android smartphone.

Install log in and Monitor

You must click the link button in order to install it. The provided link is a zipped file. It must first be decompressed before loading. Three stages are provided for the installation process.
Installing the application is the first step. The login process is handled in the second phase. The third step involves connecting the gadget and turning on the cameras.

How to install the App?

  1. You must click the link in order to install the program. You will need to free it. You will then receive the CMS setup file. The subsequent page appears when you click it.
  2. The application’s language must be chosen here. You arrive at this page after selecting it and clicking OK.
  3. It gives you a signal when the app is getting ready to install. The software starts to install and load.
  4. This window opens once initialization is complete.
  5. You must give your consent for it to run under an administrator account. Activate the “Yes” button.
  6. The page with the license terms and conditions loads. Examine the terms and conditions of the contract. Press the next button if you’re happy with them. It will display this page.
  7. The application is prompting you to choose the folder’s path and placement in this case. Give it a route and a folder by navigating through. Keep in mind that the folder does not contain any other previously installed applications. Click the following button.
  8. Instantaneously, the installation gets started. The content loads in just under a minute. You’ll receive a message when it’s completely empty with this phrase.
  9. This indicates that the installation is finished. Hit the “Finish” key. You can install this program on a Windows computer in this method.
    Next, we’ll proceed to the next phase. The following step entails logging into the software.

How to Log into the Software?

  1. You must double-click the CMS icon in order to log into the app. The next window appears.
  2. The login and password must be stated here. Its username and password are as follows by default.
  3. Login as admin with password 123456.
  4. Put them there, then click the login button. this webpage loads
  5. The homepage of the application is this page. We log into the software in this manner.

Adding the device and Monitoring Cameras

  1. Visit the application’s home page and select the resource management section to add the device.
  2. You’ll be sent to this page by it.
  3. You are prompted to add the device at this point. Select “Add” from the menu.
  4. Go to the manually adding option here. To add that, enter the device’s serial number. After that, press the OK button.
  5. The gadget will be added in this manner. By using the same procedure, you can add more devices to it. The device will be added after you click OK.
  6. On the screen, the device’s cameras will be shown.


Here, Paramont Software is covered. You can access this software on Mac, Windows, and Android using the link provided. An intricate file format is used for the links. To get the setup file, free it. Additionally, we have pictures of the installation process here.
It’s simple to grasp. Users are guided through loading and installing it on their PCs. Please contact us if you have any questions about this or any other app.

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