PRAMA ONLINE For Windows PC Free Download 2023


PRAMA ONLINE For Windows PC Free Download. We connect numerous CCTV devices to PRAMA ONLINE For Windows using this program to provide remote access. This application is fantastic. We’ll talk about the PRAMA CMS in this article. Both Windows and Android OS support it.
The download button form has the link for them. They are provided as zipped files. Before loading the file, you must first unzip it. You can see here how the entire Windows OS installation procedure is done.

PRAMA ONLINE For Windows PC Free Download

Here, it is provided in three steps. Images are used to show each stage and its substeps. The installation portion is the focus of the first step. The CMS Application must be logged into in the second step. The addition of devices and their monitoring are covered in the third and final step. PRAMA ONLINE For Windows 8/10/11 and MAC.


What is a CMS? 

The CMS is a management tool that uses data processing to carry out a variety of tasks. The CMS is known by its full name, which is Content Management System. It is capable of editing, indexing, recording, retrieving, and even moving data from one medium to another.
We can see live videos, record them, play them back, take pictures, and even store the record on a cloud server using our CCTV Wizard. It is a very helpful tool for managing our security surveillance.

Why is CMS Software So Popular In Security Surveillance?

Every sensitive, well-organized, small, or large company needs CMS Wizard’s services. Their many sites and gadgets can be connected, and any remote location can view them on any display screen. Let’s say you are the proprietor of 5 factories. Each of your factories is equipped with 16 cameras. It indicates that 80 cameras are being watched from these 5 locations. You need full access to these cams from your sixth-floor office so you can supervise them. It is made possible via a CMS application.
It syncs all of the devices with the app and displays all of the cameras on one screen. These devices allow remote access. It makes the owners’ work straightforward and purposeful. You observe each action and give instructions accordingly.


It is a business that deals in LCD screens, PoE switches, CCTV devices, and accessories. An established brand is offered by an Indian company. Its products are modern and enduring. The business has won numerous awards for its top services and warranty coverage. PRAMA is the company that designed and produced this item. The software is powerful enough to block all monitoring from any location.
Additionally, it gives the user the ability to control equipment located in remote locations using the program. It may be used to send any kind of message, track an activity, zoom in on the gadget, and even pan and tilt. Overall, it is a highly noticeable tool.


The application is prominently displayed. Its qualities are also quite admirable. Here, we’ll list the main benefits of using this software. Learn about them so you can put them to use when using this application.

  • This app broadcasts live video.
  • There is no delay between action and relay.
  • The application can transmit over 10 streams for observation.
  • With the app, it may link more than 20 devices at once.
  • The software uses cutting-edge technology to transmit data in real time. No one is falling. It transmits live video.
  • It makes use of a system that controls the limited network traffic and avoids damaging the relay.
  • The application works with two-way audio.
  • It can be used to provide the person on the camera side instructions.
  • It is really practical. You can shout at or raise an alarm if you observe any strange people using the device end. in order to feel secure.
  • The program works with sensors.
  • It is sensitive enough to pick up on audio and motion.
  • When any questionable activity takes place, it notifies you and sends you alert messages.
  • The gadget can be used at your location.
  • From that distance, you can pan, tilt, and zoom the PTZ device.

Download PRAMA ONLINE For Windows OS

You must click the download option provided below in order to install the software on Windows. An archived file has the link. To load it onto a PC, unzip it first. Here, the entire Windows installation process is also demonstrated. They are drenched in illustrations and pictures.
Here, they are described in detail. The installation procedure, the login process, and the addition and monitoring of the device are all provided by the three-step process. To start the trip, click the link.

Download PRAMA ONLINE For Mac OS

The business did not provide any links for Macintosh PC users. On a PC, we cannot see it. The procedure is as follows, nevertheless, if we still wish to watch the app on an Apple PC. On Mac OS, we must download Windows OS or Android OS.
You can accomplish that in two distinct ways. The first strategy is to choose cross-platform programs. Numerous applications exist, including flutter and ionic. The operating system can be changed. After that, view the file you downloaded. For Android emulators, there is a second procedure. You can see it on an Apple PC thanks to them.

Downlaod PRAMA ONLINE For Android OS

Android installation is simple. The URL is provided below. To get the app, click the link. The app is also available on Google Play. Install it, search for it, then load it. After that, proceed with device addition and logging in. You must scan the QR Code to do it.

Install log in and Monitor

Extract it from the file after unzipping it to load it on Windows. Install by double-clicking the program file. The installation then starts. Every step, get here.

How to Install the App?

  1. We must click the Application setup file in order to install it. Here, the next page loads.
  2. For installing the features, the next page loads. The features you want to install must be checked. Click the install button after that. It will display this page.
  3. The message indicates that the app has been set up. The content loads gradually over a few minutes.
  4. It will then let you know that the installation portion is complete. This message is reflected on the page that appears. The installation is now complete. Tick the box if you want to create a desktop icon. Similar to that, click the box to open the app for the customer. If not, leave them unticked. Hit the “Finish” key.
  5. The installation portion is now finished. We continue with the app’s second stage. At this stage, you must log in.

How to Log into the App?

  1. Double-click the app’s icon once it has been installed to log in. This window will now show up.
  2. You must first create a username and password for this. Try to come up with a secure password. A strong password combines capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and the alphabet.
  3. Enter your password, then click the login button. You will be logged in as a result.
  4. For password security on this page, you must respond to these questions. They arrive to use when you forget the password. Login by pressing the button.
  5. We arrive at the CMS program’s home page. We log in in this manner.

Device Addition and Monitoring

  1. We need to visit the Wizard’s home page in order to add the gadget and monitor it. There, we must choose and click the Device Management option. This page loads up.
  2. We need to include the gadget on this page. The IP address must be added in order to do that. Include the password and user name as well. then click the Add button.
  3. We can monitor and add devices in this way. By using the same way, we can add numerous devices.


Here we have an explanation for our customers of the PRAMA ONLINE For Windows program. The URL to the CMS, its features, and the complete Windows installation section are all available here. Images that describe the installation process are included. You may also find it here for Android. Please contact us if you have any questions about the app, its connection, the installation procedure, etc. If you contacted us, we would be delighted to respond.

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