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Restoring Silent Nights – Sleep Apnea Treatments from the ENT’s Perspective

by Tom
Restoring Silent Nights - Sleep Apnea Treatments from the ENT’s Perspective

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a prevalent sleep illness that can affect millions worldwide. Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy is the standard treatment for OSA, but unfortunately, not all patients can tolerate this therapy. It is necessary to discuss the new treatment options available for patients with OSA who cannot tolerate PAP therapy. These options include alternative therapies and surgical interventions that can enhance the quality of life for sleep disorder patients under https://earnosethroat.com.sg/sleep-clinic-singapore-sleep-apnea-treatment/. 

After COVID-19, the main goal was to reduce friction experience among patients when they are seeking alternative therapies to reduce the effort and time. These required multiple options for personalized treatment to treat sleep disorders. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure there was a constructive approach to the alternative surgeries. Understanding alternative treatment options for patients suffering from sleep apnea is mandatory to provide them with a better standard of life.

  • Surgery

Various surgical options can reduce apnea. However, the evidence of their effectiveness is limited to only small studies a day. Tonsillectomy is a surgery used to remove adenoids and tonsils from children with obstructive sleep apnea.

Hypoglossal nerve stimulation is a treatment option where a surgeon will insert a stimulator to control tongue movement through the nerve. When the nerve gets stimulated, it will position in a way that keeps the airway open.

  • Oral appliance therapy

Oral appliance therapy has evolved as a unique alternative treatment for managing obstructive sleep disorder. Various customized oral devices fabricated by many qualified dentists are quite efficacious than other oral appliances, which are non-customized for patients with sleep-rated concerns. These oral appliances have become more evolved so that they are consistent and streamlined and help to reduce patient friction.

  • Upper airway therapy for stimulation

This therapy has opened up various treatment options for many patients who would not otherwise tolerate other surgical modalities. These modalities include soft tissue surgery. With the given options mechanism, the device will provide a minimally invasive opportunity for managing lower airway obstruction based on the tongue, thereby using reducing techniques through jaw advancement. 

  • Multidisciplinary PAP tolerance clinic

A PAP tolerance clinic will have a team of sleep specialists, a dentist specialist, and a sleep surgeon who will collaborate to give patients treatment options intolerant by giving a consolidated evaluation with a collaborative treatment plan to provide them with the perfect individualized treatment. The team will understand their situation and suggest viable solutions. 

Hence, it is essential to consider alternative treatment alternatives for patients with obstructive sleep apnea who become intolerant to positive airway pressure therapy. While CPAP therapy is a gold standard for treating sleep apnea, patients who cannot tolerate this treatment may benefit from alternative therapies such as oral appliances, upper airway therapy, or surgery. 

Healthcare providers must work closely with patients to find the best treatment option for their needs to enhance their sleep quality and overall quality of life. Find out who the leading ENT surgeons are in your city. Make sure that you opt for a reputed practitioner.

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