Uniarch For Windows PC Free Download 2023

Uniarch For Windows PC

Uniarch For Windows PC Free Download. A CMS wizard is Uniarch For PC. It is utilized to connect several devices to this program so that you can get them from any distant location. The operating systems Windows and Mac both use Uniarch For PC.

You can find the download links for Windows and Mac in this article. You must click the link button to download the PC app. There is a compressed file format available for the setup application file. To load and install the file on PCs, you must extract it.

Uniarch For Windows PC Free Download

The CMS Wizard is a thorough tool that trains you to be watchful of all operations. Here is an illustration of how to install Windows OS completely. Here, it is provided in three steps. The installation process is covered in the first stage. The application part’s login process is handled in the second phase. For the Device Addition procedure, the third and final step is provided. Uniarch For Windows Download 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac OS.

Uniarch For Windows PC

Is CMS Wizard Very Useful For Monitoring?  

A CMS wizard is beneficial since it grants its users freedom and power. Installing a security system indicates that you want that location to be protected and under observation.

Similar to this, you want monitoring and supervision coming from each of your sites if you have many locations. But it seems to reason that you can’t always be there. You constantly feel as though acts and control are absent. Every activity can be observed using the CMS application from any location. It enhances surveillance and fulfills the function of putting CCTV Cameras. It grants the owner mental security and power. They can use the device remotely, give someone instructions, or just listen to them. You don’t have to be watching, through your work.

What is Uniarch?

A program called Uniarch For PC was created and produced by EZ Cloud. It is a business that oversees CCTV. It offers its user’s cloud storage for recording and keeping track of things.

The business is well-regarded, and its use is quite successful. You are given the ability to control the device from a distance by this wizard. On any object, you can zoom in. You can listen to someone or transfer a message. It is equipped with sensors that offer it an added layer of security. It can detect dangers and warn you. You receive alarms and alert messages. It wakes you up thus in advance. In crowded venues and high-risk regions, the CMS Wizard is particularly well-liked. It shields you against anomalies since you can quickly identify them. In crowded venues and high-risk regions, the CMS Wizard is particularly well-liked. It shields you from numerous suspects and dangers because you can quickly identify any irregularity.

Uniarch Features   

This software contains a lot of features. Here, we’re offering you the characteristics that are most frequently employed. Use these qualities to your advantage to get the most out of this product.

  • You get a live feed from it.
  • The transmission of the video is instantaneous.
  • It provides real-time pictures and movies for you.
  • Anywhere has access to this app.
  • The gadget can be used from anywhere.
  • You can speak, listen, see, and zoom in at will.
  • PTZ cameras are supported by this Wizard.
  • A PTZ gadget can be controlled remotely.
  • It is capable of supporting two-way audio.
  • You may converse with it and hear it.
  • Using two-way audio can help you avoid threats and suspects.
  • By shouting at someone or anything when you become aware of it being questionable, you can alert others. Therefore, it warns others
  • Smart sensors are used in this software.
  • It can recognize audio and motion.
  • You can designate certain regions as a man zone in advance. When someone violates, it warns you.
  • The app both records and captures pictures. Additionally, you can access the replay from anywhere.
  • It allows for recordings on cloud servers.

Download Uniarch For Windows

You must click the download button below in order to install this file on Windows. The setup file is provided compressed. The file needs to be loaded onto the PC after being decompressed.

The three-step approach for installing the app and monitoring devices has been provided. The installation procedure is the initial stage. The second step for logging into the program is provided. The device is added in the third stage. Uniarch For Windows PC Free Download Now.

The section below provides the whole illustration.

Download Uniarch For Mac

By selecting the download link provided for Mac OS, this file can be loaded on a Mac computer. Run the application file on an Apple PC after removing it. The steps for the Mac PC are essentially the same as those for the Windows OS. Follow the instructions for Windows installation and monitoring to get an idea of how to accomplish it on a Macintosh PC.

Install, login, and Monitor Uniarch

The procedure is depicted graphically. Here, you can locate every step. They are illustrated and captioned. You’ll be able to complete the process on your own and comprehend it with ease.

Step-1 Install The CMS

  1. Open the setup file by clicking. Then this page will appear.
  2. Users are being welcomed by the app. The content can now be loaded. To download the content, create a separate folder. Verify that the folder where you are loading the Uniarch file does not contain any other application files.
  3. The terms and conditions of the software are detailed on this page. Pay close attention to the terms.
  4. If you agree with them, click the next button after checking the box that reads, “I accept the conditions of the License Agreement.” There will be another page.
  5. Select the folder’s path and location here. Choose at your own discretion. Click the next button after that.
  6. The app is available for download. Verify the folder’s path and placement. If everything is to your satisfaction, click the install button. The application file is installing stuff on the specified folder on the page that follows.
  7. The application is set up. The whole file will load in a few minutes. It will then state that the file has been successfully installed after that.
  8. It indicates that the program file has been successfully installed. We can install the software on a Windows computer in this method. Hit the “Finish” key.
  9. We’ll now go to the next phase. Here, we’ll proceed to the software’s login page.

How to Log into the App?

  1. The login page is there.
  2. A default ID and password have been provided by the organization. To access the file, mention them here.

Username – admin

Password – 123456

  1. After filling it out, click the login button.
  2. The app will be found to be logged in. You will arrive at the homepage or menu of the software once the app has been logged in.
  3. We log into the file in this manner.
  4. We will now proceed to add the device.

Add Device and Monitor

  1. Navigate to the software’s menu page and select “Device Manager” to add a device. A page will load and prompt you to add the camera. Select “Add” from the menu. This page will appear immediately.
  2. The IP address, Port, Username, and Password must be entered. then click the “add” button. The screen will display this page
  3. You’ll notice that the device has been added and that any attached cameras are visible on the display.
  4. A detailed illustration of the installation to monitoring procedure is provided.


Here is the Uniarch for the PC. The download link for Windows and Mac has been located. You may learn more about its characteristics in detail by visiting the section on features and functions. On a Windows PC, the installation process is demonstrated. It will be installed for Mac OS using a similar process.

Please let us know in the comments if you run into any problems downloading or installing the file. We’ll get in touch with you.

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