Unicam For Windows PC Free Download 2023

Unicam For Windows PC

Unicam For Windows PC Free Download. You can view cameras from completely diverse locations on one screen thanks to the potent Unicam For PC Software. Download Unicam For Windows Free. In this article, we’ve provided you with a thorough study of this application. The link button for this software is provided here. It is made available in zipped file format. Before beginning the installation, depress it.

Unicam For Windows PC Free Download

Here, we’ve demonstrated both the downloading and installation processes for this CMS. Here, we’ve listed each step. Free Unicam For Windows PC Download. There has been no step omitted. For Windows, the installation process is demonstrated. For Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems, a link button is provided. Unicam For Windows 7/8/10 and MAC

Unicam For Windows PC

What is Content Management System?

The Content Management System is the full name of the term. A CMS Wizard has a fundamental set of options and capabilities that are useful for producing and editing digital material, documents, and data.
Any CMS will store information, index it, search for and retrieve it, access it, edit it, publish it, report it, etc.
It is really notable how tied it is to the CCTV World. It protects both you and your belongings. It gives you power by displaying multiple cameras from various locations simultaneously on one screen. Typically, CMS files are compressed file types. Before installation, it must be decompressed.

What is Unicam Application?

It is a Turkish application. The business is called Promes Electronic Security. This company is responsible for the design and production of the CMS Wizard. We have constant protection from this really effective treatment.
The CMS can address issues with photo sharing. It can enhance our communication and video resolution systems. A cloud-based recording is supported.
A download button is provided here with a link to the software. It is a compressed file. To put it on your computer, you must release the squeeze. This app offers strong options. It can transfer information for you, record clips for you, and take pictures for you. It can capture audio. You may receive alerts if it detects any questionable behavior.

Unicam Features

This Wizard has numerous distinguishing qualities. These features and choices are extraordinary. To use them, you need to understand them.

  • This Wizard works exceptionally well to provide us with complete control.
  • This cm supports a variety of video streaming formats.
  • It broadcasts a live video. There is no break
  • It displays a relay that is continuous and lag-free.
  • The program has an activity recording and replays feature.
  • With this CMS, PTZ camera management is possible. From any distance, the Wizard can help you pan, tilt, and zoom your camera.
  • The Wizard can record replays and take pictures.
  • It has activity detection. It can even detect sound and motion.
  • It can send you alert messages and sound alarms to keep you vigilant against potential threats.
  • Two-way audio is supported by the program. You will be able to deliver any message to the individual using the device with its assistance.
  • It will assist you in frightening potential suspects and intruders.
  • Zooming in on objects with this program allows you to clearly mark things.
  • Scan the QR Code to add the device to this app.
  • Advanced data functionality is used by this CMS. It automatically corrects data in weak network locations to provide uninterrupted streaming.

Download Unicam For Windows os

Here, we’re giving you access to the Windows link button. It is compressed. You must first un-squeeze it before installing it. The installation of the Unicam program for Windows is also demonstrated here. Here, it is done to walk our users through this process. Unicam For Windows PC Download. It was completed in three steps.
The App needs to be installed as the first step. The second step has to do with signing in. In order to add the gadget and watch cameras, the third step is provided.

Download Unicam For Mac OS

Here is the URL to the Unicam For Macintosh application. It is presented here as a load button. The file is secure. You must untangle it in order to transfer it. You’ll then be prepared to install it.
This article provides instructions for obtaining and installing Windows OS. You may recreate it for Mac OS by using the exact same process.

Download Unicam For Android OS

Here is the procedure to follow if you want to move and install the app on your Android-based smartphone. The Android Wizard installation button is available. Download the app from the provided link if you want to install it on your smartphone.
Additionally, it is available on the Google Play store. Install the program after loading it. You must then scan the QR Code in order to add the device. Between addition and observation, there are multiple extra phases.
The gadget will be added if the required steps are followed. On the screen, cameras can be seen.

Installation and Monitoring

You must launch the Windows Wizard in order to install the software. The file is delivered compressed. You must decompress it in order to obtain it. So, extract the file at the beginning. Run it after that. Three steps make up the process.
The installation of the app is covered in Step 1. The second step has to do with the app’s login. The final step involves adding the device and seeing the cameras.

How to Install the software?

  1. Double-click the setup file to begin installing the software on your Windows computer. It displays the next page.
  2. Users are greeted by the program, which then requests that they load a file. Press the next button to do it. The following window opens when you click the next button.
  3. The method you want to use to install the application must be chosen here. Give it a path and choose a folder to load the content. Press the subsequent button after that.
  4. The application can be installed for you by the setup file. Press the back button to go back and make any necessary adjustments to the path and folder placement. Select your preferred option and click the Install button.
  5. The application is set up. It will let you know when the installation is complete by opening the page.
    Select Finish from the menu. The installation process is finished in this manner. We will now move on to the following phase, which is the login portion.

How to Log into the App?

  1. The app’s login requires two steps. We start by clicking the installed software icon. It displays the next window.
  2. We are prompted to log into the app. For the software, the corporation has provided an ID and a password. 

Username- admin

Password – 123456

  1. Place them where they belong and press the enter key.
  2. It will direct us to the application’s homepage.
  3. The home page is there. We log in to it in this manner. Here, we have partially learned about logging.
  4. The third and final section of the application, where we will “Add devices & Monitor cameras,” is now where we are moving.

Adding Devices and Monitoring

  1. Open the CMS’s main page before adding any devices. The menu can be found there. The “Add device” option can be found by opening the menu. Click it and enter the necessary information. You are being prompted for the IP name, IP address, port number, username, and password for the
  2. Device. After filling them out, click the “add” button. The device will be added, and any attached cameras will show up on the screen.
  3. In this manner, we add the device to our sites and monitor them.


The full functionality of the Unicam For PC software is displayed here. The download link for the app is provided in this post. It is available for Mac, Windows, and Android. Additionally, we went into great length on the application’s features.
We broke down the downloading and installation process for Windows step by step to provide a practical user approach. We believe it will help you.
Please contact us if there is a problem launching, operating, or installing the app. We’ll be happy to take care of that for you.

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