UVMMS For Windows PC Free Download 2023

UVMMS For Windows PC

UVMMS For Windows PC Free Download. UVMMS For Windows program is available here, allowing you to connect a variety of devices. It is a service that Tongzhu Ding provides. The download URL for this app can be found here. Here is the link button for Windows and Android.

You must click the link button to download the application file. The file is protected by encryption. To install the file on the computer, you must compress it. The entire Windows installation procedure is available here. We have provided it in stages. There are pictures and diagrams to illustrate every point.

UVMMS For Windows PC Free Download

Three steps control the installation of the monitoring process. Installation is the first action. To demonstrate the login process, the second step is explained. The third step involves adding and monitoring devices. Locate them here. Free UVMMS For Windows PC Download. They will give you instructions so you may do it on your own. UVMMS For Windows 8/10/11 and MAC

UVMMS For Windows PC

Importance of CMS Wizard

The CMS Wizard is a piece of software that enables users to keep an eye on numerous sites from a distance. Any location may be watched over flawlessly. Let’s say you need to cover 5 places. From your workplace, you want to keep an eye on them. The sixth location is where your office is. You can monitor these 5 places from your location with the aid of the CMS. It implies that you have remote access.

You gain the ability to control devices right from where you are. A PTZ camera can be tilted, panned, and zoomed. You may mark sensitive areas, connect with someone, and safeguard your belongings. By sending you messages and setting off alarms, it keeps you awake. In addition to that, the app offers a lot of other noteworthy features that make it crucial for good surveillance.

About UVMMS Application 

It is a program that Tongzhu Ding created and makes available. To specifically monitor CCTV cameras mounted at various locations, this app is used. It protects both your identity and possessions. You can receive the message thanks to this program. By screaming from the app to frighten the suspect on the camera side, you can drive away any genuine threat from the area. It is software with intelligence. It has activity detection. Motion and sound can both be used to monitor activity. It shows images of good quality.

The software may connect to over 15 devices at once. It implies that you can connect and monitor more than 15 devices simultaneously. These are only some of the advantages of this software.


This software contains a lot of features. Here are a few of them. They stand out among the others.

  • This software provides a real-time view. Live food is being fed.
  • There is no lag between the action taking place and the video relay.
  • You can use it to record videos and store them.
  • You can watch the recording, choose to play it back, export the data, and save a copy for yourself.
  • The program allows you to take pictures and store them.
  • The cloud server allows you to continue recording.
  • With its aid, you may operate the equipment from a distance.
  • It works with PTZ cameras.
  • You can adjust the device’s tilt, pan, and zoom as desired.
  • The program allows for two-way audio.
  • On the device side, you can send any message to the recipient.
  • This feature is quite helpful. Alarms can be sounded, people can be awakened, and any suspect can be terrorized and intimidated.
  • The app is sensor-compatible. It can detect any sounds and motion.
  • The alarm pushes an alert message when it detects any suspicious individuals or activities.
  • The CMS employs a sophisticated network option. To relay continuous videos, it automatically corrects the data.
  • High resolution is present.
  • It can simultaneously connect more than 15 devices.

Download UVMMS For Windows OS

You must click the link button provided below in order to install this program on Windows OS. The file that contains the link is encrypted. You must extract the file in order to obtain it. You must run the setup file after extracting the files. Here, detailed instructions for installation, login, and device addition are provided.UVMMS For Windows PC Download.

We have provided detailed illustrations for each step in the installation section to help you. We have demonstrated to you how to create a password to log into the device in the login section. Images were also included as part of the device enhancement to help you navigate. To download the application file for Windows OS, click the link provided below.

Download UVMMS For Mac OS

It is impossible to install the application on a Mac. because the company does not provide a link for Macintosh PC. Therefore, the program on an Apple PC cannot be used to see cameras. However, you must download Windows OS or Android OS for Mac OS in order to view cams on this PC. After that, you can use a Mac computer to watch media. You can use Bluestacks apps or cross-platform applications.

Install, login, and Monitor

You must click the link button to download the file before proceeding with app installation. The document is compressed. Open the compressed file. The time has come for installation. The first step is this.

Step-by-step instructions will be given to you for that. The login process for the software is covered in step two. The device and surveillance cameras need to be added in the final phase.

How to Install the Software?

  1. Click the setup file after taking it. It will display this page.
  2. It is the application’s first page. The software greets us and gives us installation instructions. Click the next button if you wish to install it. The next page will load
  3. The complete CMS terms and conditions are listed here, on this page. Study them thoroughly. These are the conditions of the contract. Select the I accept the terms of the licensing agreement box and click the next button if you are happy with them.
  4. You must select the folder’s final destination in this window. You must choose a location for the folder and provide the program with a path. Remember that the folder you choose cannot contain any other files. Press the subsequent button after that.
  5. The installation of features is the topic of this page. You must check the box if you want to install additional features together with the program. You must check the box for it. Press the subsequent button after that. Click the back button to change where the folder will be saved.
  6. It is a review page on this page. It involves going over the decisions you’ve made thus far in the installation procedure. Examine them thoroughly. Press the subsequent button after that. It will display this page.
  7. The installation page is there. It indicates that the material in the folder is loading. It takes a short while to complete. When the downloading procedure is finished, we receive a notification page.
  8. This page loads up. The installation process is completed in this manner. Hit the “Finish” key.
    Step 1 is now complete. The following step will be taken. Logging into the app is the following action.

How to Log into the App?

  1. We will learn how to log into the app in this next stage. Open the installed software’s icon in order to log in. The screen will display the subsequent page.
  2. For the Wizard to log in, you must create a username and password right here on this page. Pick a secure password. Below are two fundamental queries. React to them.
  3. These are the fundamental inquiries. If you need to modify the password or find it after forgetting it, these will be useful. Then click the register button.
  4. The next page loads after you click the register button.
  5. Hit the login button after entering the username and password.
    The screen shows this window opening. It serves as the application’s home page. We’ve signed on. Step 2 is finished.
  6. We’ll start with step 3. We’ll put gadgets and watch cameras over here.

Add Devices and Monitor Cameras

  1. Select the “Device” column on the home page. You must fill out the information on this page that appears regarding the device. then click the “add” button. The gadget will automatically be added.
  2. The display screen will show the next channel.
  3. The device connects in this manner, and screens with cameras appear.


Here, we may get the UVMMS app for Windows. There is a link button. Additionally fully mentioned are the benefits and the installation procedure. The file can be installed, decompressed, logged in to, and added to devices. You have access to all of these.

Installation is simple. However, if you encounter any difficulties doing so, kindly let us know in the comment area. We’ll investigate it and come up with a plan of action for you.

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