VMMS Lite for Windows PC Free Download 2023

VMMS Lite for Windows PC Free Download. It is a Dahua Industries application. This app connects to multiple devices and displays them all on one screen. You can view all of your locations and sites with this software from a distance.

VMMS lite For PC Free For Windows 

These CCTV cameras are simple to access remotely. Only the existence of this CMS Wizard makes that possible. The download links for the Windows, Android and Mac operating systems are provided here. A zip file is the link file. Download VMMS lite For Windows Free.

To install these, you must first unzip them. The installation and monitoring process is fully illustrated in this post as well. It can be done in three easy steps. The installation procedure is the initial stage. The device’s login process is done in step two. The third step involves adding equipment and keeping an eye on the website. VMMS lite For Windows PC Free Download 7, 8, 10, 11 and Mac OS.

VMMS lite

What is a CMS Wizard?

CMS is the abbreviation for the content management system. It is software that can connect to a variety of devices. Software called the CMS allows for data editing, recording, transfer, indexing, and playback.

You can use it to shoot pictures. The data can be kept on the cloud server. It can use each of these features. The CMS Wizard can display your linked devices even when you are far away.

How is CCTV CMS Useful?

It is quite helpful because it can relay images from more than 100 cameras at once to any place. You want to view your ten sites from where you are because you are the owner of those ten locations.

Under normal circumstances, these ten websites can be viewed on various monitor screens and in the locations where they are installed. The CMS Wizard links these numerous, dispersed devices and displays them in any remote place. It facilitates oversight and monitoring. You do not need to watch them on various screens or gadgets.

More Information Regarding VMMS Lite App  

The VMMS Lite programme was created by Dahua Technology. A well-known CCTV surveillance company, in fact. It enables you to administer Videoternd.net, a software provider that aids Dahua and see cameras. It offers a variety of NVRs/DVRs and CCTV cameras.

The business is based in China. Its items are accessible anywhere in the world. The brand value and services are unrivalled. Its goods are robust. They can be put in place anywhere—indoors or out—in offices, fields, on roadways, in residences, etc. The newest CMS is this app. More than 256 cameras can be displayed on a single screen. Through it, you can transmit messages and keep an eye out for irregularities.

VMMS lite Features 

Here, you will get many advantageous features and attributes of this device. Know them to use them for operating the app.

  • The software allows you to connect many devices and manage them.
  • The programme recognises and feeds live views
  • You may observe events in real-time without experiencing any lag time.
  • The software automatically corrects data in places with poor network coverage and offers seamless video relays.
  • It records videos and takes photos for you.
  • It is compatible with two-way audio.
  • You can speak with the user of the device using the app.
  • A suspect or invader can potentially be scared away by scaring them.
  • The application is sensor-compatible.
  • It is able to hear and see motion. so protecting you against anything uncertain
  • It is crucial to consider the settings for sensitive regions. There are sirens that go off and notifications that are sent to you whenever someone enters.
  • Consequently, it maintains your safety.

Download VMMS Lite For Windows

You’ll find a download option for the app’s file right here. You must click the button in order to obtain it. The file has been compressed. To load it onto the computer, decompress it. The entire Windows installation procedure is also provided here.

Diagrams and pictures help to improve the process. Here are examples of how to install software, log into an app, and add monitoring devices. It will direct you toward optimum comprehension. Find the link right here.

Download VMMS Lite For Mac OS

It can be loaded on Mac. Below is a link to the app. To obtain it, click the link. Installing on an Apple PC is comparable to installing Windows. From there, you can learn something. Clicking the download button will allow you to download the Mac OS programme file. To install the file, extract it. VMMS lite For Windows Download Now.

Download VMMS Lite For Android OS

Click the link below to install it. The app is also available on Google Play. Install it, then include the watching camera after that. By reading the QR code, you can add the device. It will be added along with certain guidelines. Take them.

Install and Monitor VMMS App Windows OS 

The download button includes a link to the file. Run the programme setup file after decompressing the file. Three steps encompass the entire process. Installation is the first action. The device’s login process is done in step two. The addition of the monitoring device is done in the third and final

How to Install VMMS Software?

  1. Simply click the setup file. The setup file starts to launch itself when you press it. It displays the next page.
  2. You are prompted by the app to choose a language. This time, we’ve gone for English. Press the subsequent button after that. The screen will display this page.
  3. We will choose the folder’s directory and the folder itself on this page. Keep in mind that no other applications may be present in the folder.
  4. Select “Install” from the menu. The material starts to download as soon as we press it.
  5. The various chosen settings are loaded. One by one, each piece of the content is installed in the chosen folder. The software is then fully installed after that. The statement is referenced on the new window page in a new window.
  6. This dialogue confirms that the software has been downloaded to the specified folder. Select “Finish” to conclude.
  7. In this manner, the first phase is finished. The app has been set up. We’ll go on to the next action. It involves logging into the application.

How to Log Into the Application?

  1. You must double-click the installed app’s icon to log in. A fresh window will appear.
  2. This screen makes it clear that you must make a password. Create a secure password by combining the alphabet, numbers, characters, lower case, and higher case letters.
  3. Mention them in the appropriate columns after creating the password, then click the next button. The password has now been created.
  4. This page loads up. Here, three fundamental questions are presented. Answer them and remember the response. When you forget the password, it will prove to be helpful. Hit the “Finish” key.
  5. We have now arrived at the page where we must log in.
  6. The password is the one you just made, and the username is admin.
  7. Login by pressing the button. You will arrive at the application’s home page.
  8. It is the software’s home page. A menu is available to you right now. In this manner, the login procedure is complete.

Add Device and Monitoring

  1. You must access the application’s home page in order to add the device. Click the “+” button at the top of the page. The screen will display this page.
  2. Enter the device’s name, IP address, port number, username, and password. then click the “add” button. The hardware and software are linked.
  3. In this manner, the screens of the connected cameras to this device appear.
  4. By using the same process, we can connect a variety of devices to it.


Here is an explanation of the Application VMMS. For Windows, Android, and Mac OS users, separate links to the VMMS file are provided here. Here, we’ve also included a brief illustration of the installation procedure. Here, the app’s benefits are also listed.

To make it beneficial for users, we included these items. Please leave questions in the comment section if you encounter any difficulties loading the file or installing the application. We’ll figure out how to get that done for you.

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