WATASHI IoT For Windows PC Free Download 2023

WATASHI IoT For Windows

WATASHI IoT For Windows PC Free Download. The CMS WATASHI IoT For Windows is used. This page provides it in great depth. This article includes a link to download the software. This application is provided in the form of a compressed file. Before loading, it needs to be decompressed.

The installation procedure for this application is described in this post. A smart app that connects numerous devices from the Wizard is the WATASHI IoT CMS Wizard. There is no requirement that you view many devices on various monitors. Download WATASHI IoT For Windows PC Free

WATASHI IoT For Windows PC Free Download

You can view more than 100 cameras on a single screen thanks to the CMS. Here, we’ve provided the installation procedure. A demonstrative manner of illustration is used. There are three steps to it. Installing the CMS is the first step.

The signing is part of the second phase. The third and final stage involves adding the device and watching cameras. The CMS App is a reliable guard that monitors all of our behaviour. WATASHI IoT For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac OS.

WATASHI IoT For Windows

Why IS CCTV CMS Useful For Monitoring?

A program called CMS Wizard may store, edit, monitor, and transmit data. We can keep the record, listen to them back, and even take pictures. It implies that a CMS can keep tabs on all activity. The beauty of any CCTV CMS is that it is made to be able to link with a variety of devices.

It implies that the Wizard can link different devices and demonstrate them to you at your location. If you have numerous locations and each one is guarded by CCTV, you may monitor all of these cameras from your office, which is located somewhere else. You have accessibility freedom thanks to the CCTV App. These devices can be accessed remotely from any location. The ability to control the gadgets from your location works in your favor as well. An easy-to-use PTZ gadget can be used to zoom in, pan, and tilt.

More About WATASHI IoT For PC App 

A Thai business is WATASHI. The company has been successful in the security surveillance industry for more than 20 years. There are several HD and IP cameras on it. They come in a variety of resolutions and models.NVRs and DVRs are also highly well-liked. This company creates things for every price point. It is well known for the three different types of technology that it creates. Face Recognition IoT System Line Notification
This business conceived and created the WATASHI IoT Wizard. The application is of the very finest caliber. It is equipped with all the attributes and capabilities necessary to protect your possessions and property.

  1. IoT System
  2. Line notification
  3. Facial Recognition

This corporation created and produced this WATASHI IoT Wizard. The application is of the best possible quality. It includes all the tools and capabilities needed to protect your possessions and property.

WATASHI App Features

This app has a lot of users. It is simple to use and manage. Regardless matter how far away the device is situated, you can use it to perform a task from your office. Learn some of the key characteristics listed below.

  • It is reachable through the cloud server.
  • There, activities can be recorded.
  • The devices are remotely controllable from anywhere.
  • It can link to several devices.
  • The program transmits live video.
  • There is no lag in time. There is no lag at the moment it records and transmits.
  • It is compatible with two-way audio.
  • The program also works with voice-activated smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo.
  • The user can interact with the person using the device.
  • Threats might also be driven away from your property by yelling at them.
  • Strong sensors are supported by the software. It is simple to detect audio and motion.
  • It can prevent any infraction in a designated zone.
  • From their separate devices, many users can benefit from remote access.
  • It gives access to a quick internet connection. There is no connection waiting time.

Install WATASHI IoT For Windows OS

You need to take the Wizard file in order to load the device for Windows OS. The file is provided in the form of a download button. Click the following link. It’s a decompressed format for the file. To load a file, you must first extract it. WATASHI IoT For Windows PC OS Free Download Now.

Here, we’ve included the entire installation procedure. For a better user experience, it has diagrams and pictures all over it. There are 3 steps that control the installation process. They are provided below.

Download WATASHI IoT For Mac OS

The application cannot be installed on a Mac. The firm has not provided the Apple PC link. Utilize the Android Emulator Bluestacks to download via Mac OS if you want to watch cameras on this software and wish to use a Macintosh PC. To install Android on this operating system, you can also use cross-platform applications.

Download WATASHI IoT For Android OS

The application cannot be installed on a Mac. The firm has not provided the Apple PC link. Utilize the Android Emulator to download via Mac OS if you want to watch cameras on this software and wish to use a Macintosh PC. To install Android on this operating system, you can also use cross-platform applications.

Install The WATASHI Software and Monitor Cameras On Windows 

The compressed version of the file is provided here. Squeeze them open so Windows can load them. Run the installation file after that. Here, we’ve provided a three-step exercise for adding the device, installing it, and monitoring it. They are also replete with illustrations and diagrams.

How to Install The Software?

  1. A file is provided. On a Windows PC, uncompress it first before running the application file. The next page will show up.
  2. The language of the app must be chosen. pick it, then click the next button. Here, English has been chosen as the language. Users are welcomed by the app. You are being prompted by the app to install it. To do that, click the next button to open the next window.
  3. You must provide the app’s location and folder location here. Choose the location and create a folder specifically for loading the app’s root file. There must be no more root files present in the folder. Click the next button
  4. The window is now indicating that the app is prepared for installation. The popup also informs you that you have the option to adjust any settings if necessary. Once the installation process begins, adjustments cannot be made.
  5. The content in the app begins to load. Within a few seconds, the loading is complete. It then sends you a message to let you know that the installation is complete.
  6. The window opens and displays the successful completion of the installation. The installation process is finished in this manner. We shall now go on to the next phase. It concerns signing into the app.

How to Log Into Software?

  1. You must launch the installed app in order to log in to the service. The window shown below appears.
  2. This window will now show up. The CMS’s default username is admin, and no password is provided.
  3. You can make a password if you want to. Click the “OK” button.
  4. Launching the homepage. We sign into the application in this manner.
  5. The third step is now reached. The addition and monitoring of devices is the focus of this final and third step.

Add Device Addition and Monitoring

  1. Open the software’s home page in order to add the device. then select the option for device addition. Opens this window
  2. Here, you must include the device name, model number, and password. Fill out the form, then click OK.
  3. So, we can keep an eye on the app. When the gadget is connected, screens with cameras display.


Here is the link to the WATASHI IoT For Windows application. For Windows and Android devices, the link button is available. Here, the file is provided in zipped file format.

The installation of the Windows OS has also been provided. We have included every installation-related detail. Here, everything is provided with pictures. Please leave your questions in the comment box if you have any about the application. We will answer your questions.

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