ZOSI Cloud For Windows PC Free Download 2023

ZOSI Cloud For Windows

ZOSI Cloud For Windows PC Free Download. ZOSI Cloud For Windows PC Free Download. A CCTV CMS program called ZOSI Cloud For PC allows users to view CCTV cameras from a distance. We are providing you with every information about this CMS Wizard in this post. For Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS, this program is quite beneficial.

We frequently watch multiple gadgets on a screen at once with the use of this software. Here, a link button containing the CMS Application is provided. The application is provided in a zipped folder. To load it onto the computer, you must un-squeeze it.

ZOSI Cloud For Windows PC Free Download

Every detail pertaining to the installation of this software application has been provided here. Here, we’ve laid out the procedure in detail for downloading and installing the file. In doing so, no step has been overlooked. The property’s security is greatly improved via the Zosi app. It gives us the freedom to follow and monitor every step. It makes us watchful. ZOSI Cloud For Windows 7/8/10 and Mac.

ZOSI Cloud For Windows

What is a CMS Wizard?

An application called the CCTV CMS Wizard is made specifically for PCs to screen cameras. Content Management System is the name of the system (CMS). Multiple tasks can be accomplished by a CMS. It has the ability to edit, store, record, and index information. It comes as a zipped file with the CMS App. Before loading and installing the file, you must first uncompress it. An App is an effective tool that lets you view several cameras from any distant location. More than 200 cams can be displayed at once. You can enjoy the independence of mobile monitoring thanks to remote access, which frees you from the constraints of your business.

What is ZOSI Cloud?

ZOSI Industries is the company that produces and sells this application. It was founded in 2006 and is a Hong Kong firm. The business has a fifteen-year history. It’s CCTV surveillance products are robust. High criteria are met by the extensive product line.
Excellent services are provided. This company’s application was created using standout characteristics. Without any lag, it can live relay. It offers a lot of features. Devices can be controlled remotely from any place. It can zoom, pan, and tilt PTZ cameras.

ZOSI Cloud  Features

This program offers a number of noble features. Here, a few standout examples are shown. It is essential to comprehend these advantages and capabilities. We will be able to use them once we are able to identify them. Here are a few of its primary duties.

  • The application runs smoothly and provides live views.
  • Its relay and receiving happen instantly.
  • It offers constant streaming. The live feed is uninterrupted.
  • Advanced network technologies are employed by the app. In places with poor network coverage, it automatically corrects knowledge.
  • High resolution is present. With this program, you may get clear, vivid images. It produces sharp visuals.
  • Two-way audio is maintained by the program.
  • The message can be transmitted to the person on the device side thanks to the two-way audio.
  • Additionally, the two-way audio is helpful in frightening intruders and suspects. By yelling at them, you can get them to go.
  • The application is sensor-compatible. These sensors function just like the human brain. They are sensitive to sounds and motion.
  • Push messages are sent when it notices sound or movement.
  • It warns you of some ominous activity. It will let you show playbacks, save recordings, snap images for
  • you, and provide you complete security.
  • With the aid of this program, you can attend the device from any remote location.
  • With this app, you may control a PTZ camera that is integrated and located far away.

Download ZOSI Cloud For Windows

You can get all the instructions for playing this application on Windows OS here. It is presented as a compressed file. In order to load and install it on Windows, you must extract the data. There are many schematics used during the installation procedure. Free ZOSI Cloud For Windows PC Dowload. It is simple to grasp and learn for any user.
There are three steps to the loading and installation process. The installation is related to the first stage. The second step involves logging into the app, and the third involves adding and installing devices.

Download ZOSI Cloud For Mac OS

The Mac application file is provided here in the form of a link button. To download the program, click the button. It is provided as a compressed file. Before putting it on the PC and installing it, decompress it.
For Windows, the installation process is illustrated. We can easily implement it for Apple Macs by using the same methods.

Download ZOSI Cloud For Android OS

You must click the following link to watch cams on cell phones. The app can also be found on Google Play. It can also be downloaded and installed from there. Installing the software comes after loading it is the first stage. After the installation is complete, the feature must be added. You must scan the QR Code to do it. To connect with the device, follow the instructions provided.

Download For Android

Install and Lodin ZOSI Cloud

The complete instructions for moving and installing the App on Windows are provided here. You must execute the file on the PC and decompress the file in order to obtain it. Three steps are used to demonstrate it here.

How to Install the App?

  1. Click the setup file twice. By opening this page, it provides us with the following instructions.
  2. The license agreement is discussed on the first page. Read the contract. Press the “I Agree” button if you are pleased.
  3. Here, you must choose the application’s path and folder. If there are no other application files in the folder, choose it. Select “Install” from the menu. You’ll be directed to the following page.
  4. Instantaneously, the installation gets started. The loading of the film takes a while. It alerts you by opening the next page when it totally empties its file on the folder.
  5. Select “Finish” from the menu. Its installation is complete in this manner. Doing it is simple.
  6. The first stage is finished. We’ll now take the next action. It will instruct us on how to log into the application.

How to Log in to the App?

  1. Double-clicking the app’s icon is required in order to log in. By doing this, we can access the next page.
  2. The login window is seen here. The business has provided us with some username and password suggestions.
  3. You are free to choose a password. Login by pressing the button. You will go to the next round via the app.
  4. You are directed to the software’s home page. We have logged in in this manner.
  5. Go to the software’s third and final stage.

Adding Devices And Monitoring

  1. Open the CMS’s home page to add the device. The +Add symbol can be seen there. This page opens when you press the sign.
  2. Please enter the device’s information here. The device name, IP address, port, username, and password must all be entered. Press the Finish button after that.
  3. It will open this page and add the device.
  4. The installation gets started after the device is added.
  5. In this way, the three-step procedure of installation, logging in, and monitoring has been illustrated.


ZOSI Cloud For PC is an extremely clever application. Each and every detail is provided here. The CMS Wizard’s link button was previously mentioned. The file is compressed. We advised decompressing it first before attempting installation. The attributes and capabilities of this application were also thoroughly explained. Additionally, the illustrated analysis of the installation section is available here. We are anticipating an improved user experience. Please let us know if you run across any issues while downloading, setting up, or monitoring this app. We’ll make an effort to fix it and address your issue.

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