8 Effective Ways to Make Your Writing More Academic

8 Effective Ways to Make Your Writing More Academic

8 Effective Ways to Make Your Writing More Academic. Let’s define what “more academic” means: in this particular case, we are talking about things that make the difference between high school essays and college writing pieces, and then—university custom papers. From one side, it 100% depends on topics you get from your teachers, but on the other, every assignment can be written differently based on the expert’s level. The question “What is a start?” will be answered differently by the student of the philosophical department and by the technical college student. 

8 Effective Ways to Make Your Writing More Academic

To go beyond a variety of sciences and get some personalized and professional advice on how to evolve in academic writing, to sound more persuasive and confident in your research, we collected some simple pieces of practical tricks that you may find useful. Try to apply them while writing your following paper from scratch. We’d be glad if your level of writing will improve thanks to our assistance. 

1. Remember the Aim

Even the best essay can be ruined by unstructured jumping from one thought to another, with unconditional passion for exclamation signs, and not a single argument proven with facts. These are maybe friends of the freewriting technique, but scientific style demands to be clear and direct as a column of the Ionic order. There’s no place for mumbling, just your topic, your arguments, and the direct connection between them. 

It’s so easy to say, but so hard to do. Even the most proficient scientists cannot be so famous for their academic works, because it demands to keep your thoughts in a strict order and structure. But your mentors will assess your work with a high grade if you’ll find the requirements for it and write accordingly.

2. Choose Fewer Points, But Dive Deeper

If you review the structure of your future assignment and complete the research needed for it, you should decide how to put all your treasures in the few pages. The newbie writer will start to put all the trinkets on the paper like a hungry man will order everything from the menu at the restaurant. But in both cases, they don’t need that much. 

Evaluate arguments and facts you have to prove them. Choose the points that are represented by more related facts, instead of 10 misty fantasies. This inner work will reflect on the total level of your paper and will distinguish you from other students. Be bold and mature in your sayings.

3. Use Scientific Methods of Research

Each discipline has its special methods of research that fit it best. But above all, the scientific method that is the same for all sciences can be used anywhere, not only in writing. Here is how it works: 

  • Observe or research a topic.
  • Form a question to see how your topic is related to some kind of problem.
  • Answer it with a hypothesis.
  • Explain how the hypothesis may become a part of reality.
  • Test your explanation and collect proof.
  • Make your conclusions about your hypothesis, or rewrite it from the beginning, and iterate again.

And you may use it in your papers to sound more academic. This is not what common writers at their colleges do, but your English teacher will be pleased to see such a familiar structure in your original essay. 

4. Follow the Style of Your Teachers… in the Widest Meaning

Right, your mentors. They are the closest source of academic style, aside from professional essay writers working for a custom academic essay writing service online. Even if they are closer, you can just open the website anytime and buy some cheap papers from these companies. They provide you with dedicated online help, only if they send you high-quality works created by their writers. The main idea is to find those mentors, teachers, and older students that will give you access to their cool papers, so you can learn how to follow the right style. If such people are not around you, becoming a customer of a reliable writing company is nothing wrong. The USA law allows you to use their materials for your own preparations, so nothing illegal. To choose the top service for you, don’t forget to check their reviews.  

5. Make Your Main Idea Visible

This is good advice for writing conclusions. First, you have to connect it somehow with the mainline of thoughts from the introduction, and second, add some spice with a contrasting one of your ideas from the body of the research. Choosing one argument as a main, describe it in detail, and even add your own opinion if it fits the format. With this trick, you’ll help those teachers who are reading only introductions and conclusions to catch the whole vision of how cool you are. 

6. Choose and Nurture Your Main “Specialization”

If you have a range of questions that you want to research while being a student, let everybody know about that. Make your dedication serious with your top level of knowledge and talented investigations. Become a start and an expert for your fellow students, and your reputation will work for you in this discipline. It’s a working schema, not a joke. Moreover, the sooner you select your “specializations”, the more time you’ll get to become a pro.  

7. Quote Scientists

If you want to be cool, call real scientists to prove your seriousness. No matter how simple your assignment is, there always will be a scientist who has developed your topic to the atomic level. So don’t be lazy to quote and put them on the reading list and sources lists to enjoy the highest level of academic writing.  

8. Be Ambitious

There’s always a “safe” way to write essays. Shakespeare is genial, Romeo and Juliet is a genial drama, but what if you’re ready to prove the opposite? Don’t let your hands shake, just write everything as it is according to your research. Scientists without any ambitions can be good tutors for others, but never will be famous and influential. We live in a world that can make an icon out of the grumpy cat, but why not scientists? Maybe it’s time to change it. 

The Main Reason for a Student to Become a Scientist

If you’re a scientist, you’re hard to trick or confuse. You know how things work and where they come from. If you have a deep passion for both research and science, make it a strong side of the whole of humanity, as true scholars have a chance to make tectonic discoveries that will change the life of the planet. Personal happiness through the unlimited investigation of life and the creation of new meanings is one of the most fascinating and sophisticated feelings that a human being can experience. So be sure that you’re ready for it.

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