Android smartphone users are mocking the new iOS 18 rumour

Android smartphone users are mocking the new iOS 18 rumour

We anticipate that iOS 18 will be launched in time for the Apple iPhone 16, and we are hearing whispers about what the update may bring. However, one of the most recent recommendations has provoked a few sniggers within the Android community.

According to rumours, iOS 18 will finally allow iPhone owners more control over how app icons appear on the Home Screen. It has been suggested that this will include a capability to leave blank spaces, rows, and columns (for the most recent iPhone 16 rumours, read our roundup).

Android smartphone users are mocking the new iOS 18 rumour

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, iOS 18 will provide iPhones with a more customisable Home Screen, eliminating the need to use third-party apps to create blank app icons to create room. This will expand on the Lock Screen’s existing personalisation options.

Some Apple customers are optimistic, claiming they’ve been waiting for a convenient ‘official’ way to do this that doesn’t involve the ‘blank png trick’. However, Android enthusiasts are in hysterics.

“Can you imagine not being able to arrange some icons on the screen on iOS in 2024?” one user asked on X. “You mean Apple hasn’t had that until now and Android has had it for 10+ years?,” another person said. “iOS 18 aka Android,” said another commenter.

Someone commented that Apple was being quite daring with this decision. “Everyone often jokes about the ‘courage’ part in Apple keynotes, but this adjustment would probably be the boldest thing they’ve done. How could they announce without feeling embarrassed? That requires bravery. “That requires courage.”

Some Apple customers are also unconvinced by the apparent belated functioning. “Why not just let us put them anywhere we want instead of filling in blank spots to move symbols around? “Why the more complicated solution?” a person inquired.

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