How to Activate Windows 10 for Free Permanently

How to Activate Windows 10 for Free Permanently

How to Activate Windows 10 for Free Permanently. You’re in the right place if you’re like most people who don’t know how to activate Windows 10 Free. I’m going to tell you a few easy and easiest methods for activating your Windows in today’s guide.

This guide is for beginners who are consumers and don’t know a little bit about the tech world. For old computer users, it can also be helpful because I will have some fresh tips & tricks that old users might also not know about. As everybody knows, Microsoft is releasing the final version of Windows 10.

There will be no more changes to Windows in the future, so it is suggested that you upgrade to the newer version soon. This is because Windows 7 will also stop, which means it will never be updated anymore. There are many ways to update it, such as downloading the ISO image from Windows 10 and then burning it to a USB or DVD and installing it as usual.

After upgrading Windows, the issue now occurs because after 30 days it needs activation. Because Windows 10 comes with a free trial of 30 days after it expires, you will then need to buy and activate a license key. Otherwise, you would be restricted from using certain features, such as changing the theme, downloading certain software, and not having updates that can also damage your PC.

How to Activate Windows 10 for free Permanently

Someone Asked the Question: Is there some way to activate Windows 10 without buying a product key? The response is clearly Yes. Read this guide entirely where I’m going to teach you how you can do it yourself.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Update & Security
  3. Activation below
  4. Click on Enter for Product Key
  5. After this verification, check the Confirm box
  6. The message shows Windows Successful Activated

Get Free Windows 10 Product Keys

Now enter the product key that you have just bought and then press Enter. Since it operates online, please ensure that you have a proper internet connection. It will take some time, and in a few seconds, your Windows 10 will be enabled.

If you just miss the Enter Key option after the installation or the purchased key, you need to open it.


If a new Windows 10 is installed on your device, you will be prompted to enter the key during the installation process. So, simply enter the key there and after the installation is done, it will be activated.

These keys function and have been personally checked by me so that you can also use them free of charge to enable Windows 10. But the mechanism of activation for this is a little different because by using these buttons, there are two ways to activate. The first method is manually activated, and another method involves the creation of a batch file.

So, we’ll talk about the manual process first:

1. Click the Start Menu button and then check for the Command Prompt or search for it in Cortana.

2. Right-click on CMD now and click Run as Administrator to prompt an alert dialog, so ignore it and click Yes.

Open Command Prompt
Open Command Prompt

3. Add this command “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey” to the Command Prompt (enter the key you just copied from above according to the Windows version and make sure no quotes are added) and then press Enter.

slmgr ipk yourlicensekey

4. Let the code run and it will take some time to wait until it runs fully for a few seconds and then move to another stage.

5. You need to enter this “slmgr /skms” command after that. It will link you to the server on the KMS.

slmgr skms kms8

6. If you have successfully connected to the KMS server, you will need to enter “slmgr/ato” with this instruction. That’s when a dialog message informs you that your Windows were successfully enabled.

For people who do not know how to activate Windows 10, it is the easiest solution, but if you have a problem while following the steps, then you should go for the automated process.

Let’s check how you can automatically enable Windows 10.

  1. So, you need to copy the code first of all by following the connection given below: Windows 10 Activation Code
  2. Open the Start Menu after this and check for the Notepad and open it like you usually do.
  3. Paste the code that you copied from the above connection and save it as ActivateWindows10.cmd afterward.
  4. If it doesn’t work, make sure to save it as .cmd, and it will open as a regular text file.
  5. Now, right-click on it after saving the batch file and click on Run as administrator. It will then start the CMD and automatically execute some codes.
  6. You need to wait a while for this code to connect you to the KMS server and then it will be automatically enabled.

That’s it. You have now unlocked your Win 10 successfully without automatically buying a product key. The activation of the Win 10 Operating System, it is the latest and newest approach you can introduce.

If these strategies don’t work for you as well, then there is another possible approach that works 100% well and is a stable process. It took this approach to get an activator, so let me tell you some of the best activators you can use.

How to Activate Windows 10 Using Activator

On the internet, there are many activators available, but the problem is that some of them contain viruses, while others do not function well, and sometimes your Windows is even broken.

I share the best activator, which works almost all the time, with you to prevent this problem and I use it personally.

How to Activate Windows 10 using KMSpico

This activator’s name is KMSpico, which is scanned by Virus Total and does not contain any malware or trojan. It is the only tool available on the internet that is nowadays very popular among people. This is because the most trusted Team Daz, who has contributed so many Windows user activators, has created this. This tool is sufficient for any edition of Windows and can also enable both architectures. Some antivirus can show you that it is the virus, but it only activates it because these tools blacklist these types of piracy tools.

So you just need to disregard that because there is no virus and when using it, I never face any problems. It works offline and for the activation, you don’t need an internet connection, it’s also very light in size and doesn’t occupy massive space in your PC.

After activation, this can be disabled, but the activation will stay the same until a modern, new Windows is installed. For any Windows version, it is the permanent solution and it also supports Win7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1. The best thing about this is that Microsoft Office and all its versions up to 2007 are now supported by activation. To read more about this tool and to enable Windows, follow the link below: KMSpico Activator For Windows 10

How to Activate Windows 10 using Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit, which was developed by unidentified developers, is another tool that can also be used. Like the KMSPico activator, it is also a free tool that is used to enable Windows 10 without needing a product key.

There are two activation methods, one using the AutoKMS process, and the other using the EZ Activation method. EZ Activator, which operates on the internet connection, was the old name of this toolkit so you have to connect to a proper internet connection, you can enable Windows otherwise you will face errors.

Microsoft Toolkit

They renamed it as Microsoft Toolkit after the recent updates and also introduced an Offline Activation function. If you want to use the offline method, you need to use the AutoKMS method. KMS is Microsoft’s technology that links a big company’s entire machine to a server where it activates all of them at once.

But you can switch to EZ Activation if you are trying to enable it through the Internet. It is also a safe and stable process, so don’t worry about stealing your data because the Complete Virus is also trusted. Some antivirus can display it to you as a virus, so don’t worry, just ignore it and disable it, using Toolkit, you can then activate your Windows.

Follow this link if you want to learn more about this & want to activate your Windows: Microsoft Toolkit


These are some of the simplest and easiest methods for those who don’t know how to activate Windows 10, so they will certainly know more about it after reading this guide. The above-described methods are 100% checked and work well without having a problem. I checked it and that’s why I’m sharing it with you so that you can profit from it as well. It’s because most individuals can’t afford to purchase a license key. In this case, by using the method I have given above, they can get a copy of the key from above and activate it.

If you don’t know about the version and want to activate it, somehow. Then I would strongly recommend going for the activators as these are the only automatically functioning best solution. So, just install it and you will then be able to enable your Windows, so you don’t have to follow any additional and difficult steps. In addition, you can read the suggested tool links above and read how you can use them.

I hope that if yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends because sharing is caring, you loved my job. They can also get the advantages of these approaches in this way. Please let me know in the comment section if you find any of the techniques helpful and helped you in the activation so that the readers can also get an idea that these techniques are working.

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