AI is used by Microsoft Teams Premium to recap meetings

AI is used by Microsoft Teams Premium to recap meetings

AI is used by Microsoft Teams Premium to recap meetings. Additionally, Premium can assist with virtual appointments and live caption translation. Making AI handle the grunt work is one way Microsoft could be able to make Teams a more desirable alternative for meetings. The business is introducing a Teams Premium service for Microsoft 365 that leverages AI to make managing meetings a lot easier.

AI is used by Microsoft Teams Premium to recap meetings

The “Intelligent Recap” tool, in particular, automatically generates tasks, chapters, and even customised highlights. If you miss a review meeting, you may be able to identify the topics you should focus on while catching up.

In order to avoid having to constantly wait for post-event translations, Premium also uses AI to translate captions in real time for 40 spoken languages. The “appropriate” options for a conversation are also automatically set up by meeting guides.

Other improvements include webinars of “high quality” and assistance for virtual appointments (think doctors and consultants). The addition of secrecy labels and watermarks to improve security for sensitive data prevents dishonest coworkers from simply screenshotting presentations to steal trade secrets.

Microsoft has been questioned about availability and the 365 plans required to use Teams Premium. The service already clarifies the business’s strategy. By making Teams indispensable to enterprises that don’t always have the time or resources to produce summaries and translations, it aims to compete with services like Google Meet and Zoom. Having said that, Microsoft’s competitors aren’t sitting still, so Premium’s extras might soon become necessities.

Update 10/13 11:10 AM ET: According to Microsoft, Teams Premium will cost $10 per user each month when it launches in February. If you want to incorporate it into current services, you must have a Microsoft 365 plan that qualifies. The complete list is provided below.

  • Enterprise. Microsoft/Office 365 E1, E3, E5
  • Small Business. Microsoft Teams Essentials (Azure AD), Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard and Business Premium
  • Frontline. Microsoft 365 F1 and F3 and Office 365 F3
  • Education. Microsoft/Office 365 A1, A3, A5
  • Government. Microsoft/Office 365 G3 and G5

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