GBWhatsApp APK Download (Updated) 28 Sept 2021 Anti-Ban

GBWhatsApp APK Download Updated Anti Ban

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Updated) Sept 2021 Anti-Ban. Many individuals nowadays use WhatsApp to share movies, images, audio, and other media. GBWhatsApp APK is ready to download and install on your device if you wish to utilize WhatsApp with some extra features.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

Developers tweaked the official WhatsApp app to add functionality such as hiding double ticks, changing themes, setting online status, using multiple WhatsApp accounts, and more. It includes additional privacy features, and there is no cost associated with using it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should do so right now. Don’t be concerned about the download and installation of the app on your smartphone. I’ll walk you through the download and installation process.


GBWhatsApp APK

Many apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, are available on the market. WhatsApp is extremely popular due to its capabilities, but a new WhatsApp Mod with additional features has been released. It is terrific software with extensive functionality for users. gbwhatsaapp download the latest version.

GBWhatsApp is the first WhatsApp mod that has been regularly updated until now. It’s yet another impressively modified WhatsApp version. GBWhatsApp is similar to OGWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, however, it has a lot more features. If you want to install the GBwhatsapp apk, you don’t need to delete WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp has a lot of good features that you may read about here.

Download GBWhatsaApp

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GBWhatsApp All Versions

GBWhatsApp VersionsDownload Link
GBWhatsApp V.9.5Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.20Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.10Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.12Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.5Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.35Download
GBWhatsApp V.8.0Download
GBWhatsApp V.7.99Download
GBWhatsApp V.7.20Download
GBWhatsApp V.7.10Download

GbWhatsApp Features:

GB Whatsapp APK 2021 is packed with plenty of features, all of which can be used on a smartphone. The features of GB Whatsapp are as follows:

  • Auto Reply: To begin with, you can use this tool to automatically respond to any of your pals at any moment.
  • DND: If you’re using another app on your Android phone and don’t want to be interrupted by Whatsapp messages, you may use the DND feature to turn off your internet connection for GB Whatsapp only.
  • Broadcast text messages: A fantastic feature is the ability to send Broadcast text messages to groups.
  • Filter messages: The GB Whatsapp APK has the Filter Messages feature, which allows you to clear chat and filter your messages.
  • Anti-revoke message: This product includes an anti-revoke message feature.
  • Use GB Whatsapp 2021 to share live locations: Users can also use GB Whatsapp 2021 to share their live locations with their pals.
    Spectacular effects: When sending photos and videos to friends and family, users can add outstanding and distinctive effects.
  • Revoke multiple messages: You can revoke numerous messages at the same time.
  • Transmit More Images: In comparison to official Whatsapp, you may send more than 90 pictures at once. You can also send your contact a 50 MB video clip and a 100 MB audio file.
  • Endless Themes: This customized version of Whatsapp also has a theme function. So, depending on your mode, there are a plethora of great themes and Emojis that you may put to your phone.
  • Download Statuses: Another fantastic feature of this software is the ability to download photographs and videos from other contacts’ status updates.
  • Amazing Font: Have you grown tired of your old font? Then, using this option, you can select your preferred font. This tool allows you to personalize your favorite typeface.
  • Message History: You may look into the history of messages that have been revoked from your contacts and groups.
  • Alter contacts: In your gallery, change the media visibility of a certain contact.
  • Mark the unread mails: You can mark the read messages from the notification.
  • Choose all chats: From the home screen, this app allows you to select all chats at once.
  • Hide your status: You can hide your voice recording status.
  • Image Quality at its Best: You can transmit high-resolution photographs with GB Whatsapp.
  • Log History: Additionally, the user can view the log history of all of your contacts.
  • Language: Another excellent feature is the language option, which allows you to choose a language from a list of defaults.
  • Notifications: You can receive notifications when someone in your contact list changes their profile image with this app.
  • Pop-up Alerts: Another fantastic feature of the GB Whatsapp APK is the ability to conceal the app’s pop-up notifications from your main screen.

How to Download GBWhatsApp?

Many peoples are unaware of how to download and install an APK file. Don’t worry if you’re curious about the procedure as well. I’ll walk you through the simple procedures of downloading and installing it.

You can use all of the additional features once you install the APK MOD. Let’s have a look at the steps:

1. Storage Space: This APK MOD requires storage space.

2. Allow Unknown Sources: After visiting the settings tab, enable the unknown sources option.

GBWhatsApp Installation 1024x772

3. Download: Download the APK file by clicking on the downloading icon.

4. Install: After downloading, go to the place where you saved the APK and double-click it. To install this APK file, simply tap on it.

GBWhatsApp Install 640x1024

5. Launch: You should begin by launching the app.

6. Login in: Log in to your WhatsApp account and take advantage of the amazing features.

7. You can accomplish it quickly, but if you have any difficulties, please leave a comment below and I will respond with more instructions.

GBWhatsapp APK File Information

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Android Version4.3 and Above
VersionLatest Version
Total Downloads6,000,000+
App size44.3 MB
Root RequiredNot Root Required
Main PurposeMod of WhatsApp with the Extra Features
Last Updated1 day ago

GBWhatsApp Requirements

GBWhatsApp Requirements

It requires an internet connectionWIFI Connection is recommended
Location of the deviceAccess to Gallery
Access to ContactsWIFI Connection is recommended
Device IdentityExternal Storage Access


Comparison Between Whatsapp VS GBWhatsapp

Status Characters LengthUp to 255 CharactersUp to 139 Characters
Document Sharing at one time10030
Media Sharing50MB15 MB
Hide Last Seen✔️
Status Copying✔️
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format✔️
Languages Supported45130
Blank Messages Sending✔️
Theme Changing✔️

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

Many devices are used nowadays, but the iPhone is the most popular. Thousands of people own this gadget, but they have no idea how to get the iOS file to work on it. Stay with me if you’re also familiar with the downloading process!

  • To begin, open your device’s browser and navigate to the website.
  • To get the iOS file, click the button below.
  • If you want to install the file, open it after it has been downloaded.
  • If you want to install it, press the install button.
  • After a few seconds, the installation procedure will be completed.
  • Launch the Gbwhatsapp iOS app once it has been installed.
  • Create a new WhatsApp account or log in to your existing one.
  • Now you can enjoy the app!

Where to Get and Set Up GBWhatsApp?

If you’re looking to obtain this app program for yourself and start using it, you’re probably looking for a safe and secure location to do so. This usually means that you’ll need an apk file to install the mod on your Android phone.

Blowing Ideas is the place to be. You can now use GBWhatsApp;

Privacy Control

In addition to everything discussed above, if you install GBWhatsApp, you will be able to manage your personal privacy settings. This entails manually controlling whether you want your phone to let others know what you’re up to or whether you’re online.

A few of the privacy options are listed below;

  • Being on-line (Status)
  • Double tick
  • Bluetick
  • Settings of microphone
  • Status of recording
  • Status of typing
  • Messages Scheduling

GbWhatsapp 2021 New Amazing Features:

The Procedure for Updating and Installing GBWhatsApp: At this point, you know how to access your apk; the next stages will tell you all you need to know about installing this apk on your phone and getting it to work properly.

Step 1: Go to your phone’s settings, go to security, and then to the Unknown sources option. This will let you install apps from retailers other than Playstore.

Step 2: Using your internet browser, download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp from the stores listed above on your mobile phone. You have the option of downloading the apk to your computer and then moving it around on your device’s storage.

Step 3: Open the apk file and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. This might function in the same way that we set it up in the ordinary WhatsApp software.

Step 4: Confirm your accounts by entering your name and state number. GBWhatsApp has now been installed and is ready to use on your own device. To use the app, go to your main menu and select WhatsApp from the drop-down menu.

What Platforms Is This App Available For

  • Andriod
  • iOS
Completely Personalize Themes:

The ability to customize the theme of any component of the WhatsApp application, from the menus to the chat display, is perhaps the most popular of GBWhatsApp’s newest variation features. With the mod, you’ll be able to create an aesthetic that provides one of the most delightful experiences.

Send Out Big files:

One of the most significant disadvantages of using WhatsApp is the inability to send documents. Have a photo, song, or movie you’d like to share with a buddy, but WhatsApp won’t let you transmit anything more than 16MB? GB WhatsApp’s most recent update removes this restriction, allowing you to send anything you want.

How to Backup Data on GBWhatsApp?

Supporting can save you time by protecting the messages that are important to you and provide your general peace of mind by ensuring that your discussions are private and safe. Furthermore, there are two techniques by which one might reclaim his or her own data, allowing you to maintain control.

GBWhatsApp Backup 1024x951

Method 1: Backup GBWhatsApp with Apk

The first method to examine is to integrate GBWhatsApp conversation directly into the software.

Step 1: Open the app and look for Settings and then Chat Backup.

Step 2: Select Backup to save a copy of your messages and any associated material to your device’s internal memory.

Method 2: Backup GBWhatsApp with a PC

Dr.fone – Bring Back Social Application is the world’s best Android app for data transfer, and it’s designed to give you the greatest and most convenient experience possible while managing your mobile data, including your own GBapk and Whatsapp backup records.

The app is straightforward to use, even if you have very few technological skills, and it allows you to send all of your GBWhatsApp documents, including conversations, photographs, large-format movies, data, voice messages, and much more.

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQs)


I hope you enjoy the APK MOD of the official WhatsApp app. GB Whatsapp is also providing the exact same security and plans as the official Whatsapp. As a result, if you want even more features, download and install Whatsapp Plus APK right now on your device. I hope you enjoy this article.

We’d be grateful if you could share this fantastic GBWhatsapp APK with your friends. You’ll think it’s one of the best apps with the most up-to-date features. Because it has the same licensing as the original software, you won’t have any security issues.

If you want to stay up to date on this App, keep checking blowing ideas website! Thank you for visiting here! And don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

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