How to Clean a Wireless Mouse?

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse? To get into those nooks and crannies, grab a can of compressed air and a cotton swab. This post will show you how to cleanup your wireless mouse. A can of compressed air, cotton swabs, cleaning wipes, and a cleaning solution are all required.

How to Clean a Wireless Mouse?

It takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to clean a wireless mouse. Here’s how to go about it.

  1. Turn off the mouse if it has an on/off switch.
  2. Spray compressed air between the scroll wheel and the click buttons if there is a space between them.
  3. Wipe the mouse’s body with a damp cleaning wipe.
  4. Remove any stubborn stains and markings from the mouse’s bottom surface pads. The four-foot sections at the bottom surface’s corners require special care. These patches glide over the mouse pad’s surface and collect dirt.
  5. Dampen a cotton swab lightly with the cleaning solution. Brush the dust away from the laser or LED with it. When brushing around the laser or LED, use caution.
  6. Wipe the area around the laser or LED with a dry cotton swab. Keep your hands away from the laser or LED.
  7. Allow the mouse to completely dry before using it.

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