How to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020, Access denied instantly

How to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020, Access denied instantly

How to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020, Access denied instantly. If you try to access a website and receive Error 1020, Access denied, here are some recommendations to assist you to get beyond the page. The 1020 “Access Denied” error from Cloudflare occurs when a connection request arises that appears to constitute a threat to the site. 1020 Error can occur by accident if your website contains missing or obsolete information, or if the server has crashed.

Error 1020 Access Denied

Error 1020 Access Denied
Error 1020 Access Denied

1020 Error: Access Denied is not a typical problem, but it is possible that you or your client’s site will encounter it. In this article, we’ll look more closely at what’s causing the issue and what to do if you notice it.

What is a 1020 Error on Cloudflare?

Cloudflare Error 1020: Access Denied means you’ve broken a firewall rule and your connection request has been denied. There are a few difficulties that can prevent a legitimate IP address from accessing your website due to error 1020, and many of them are simple to resolve.

What’s Causing the ‘Error 1020: Access Denied’

The Error 1020 Access Denied occurs when a firewall rule on a Cloudflare-protected site is violated. It can be notified if a site visitor attempts to directly access a protected endpoint.

How do I bypass 1020 Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a web firewall that guards against potential threats. You cannot bypass error 1020; you must remedy the issue before proceeding to the site. This page contains numerous solutions that should resolve your issue. It is preferable for you to follow the answers in the specified order because it will save you time.

How to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020, Access denied instantly

Check out the options below to resolve Cloudflare Error 1020, Access refused.

  1. VPN can be disabled or enabled
  2. Clear your browser’s cache
  3. Examine your data and time
  4. Restart the router and the computer
  5. Allow Cookies
  6. Extensions should be removed
  7. Clean Boot Troubleshooting
  8. Exit the website and search for another site that has the same material
  9. Contact the Site Owner

List of 9 Methods to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020 Access Denied

So, how do you resolve Cloudflare Error 1020 Access Denied (quickly)? Let us go over them in detail.

Method #1: VPN can be disabled or enabled

VPNs can have an impact on your network, both positively and negatively. If you are linked to a network, consider disabling it and refreshing your webpage. If you aren’t connected to a network, try downloading a free VPN and seeing if it works.

Method #2: Clear your browser’s cache

Cloudflare error number 1020 might be caused by a corrupted cache and browsing data. The best approach to remedy the problem is to empty the cache. This will not delete any of your personal files or passwords, so you have nothing to worry about. You may clear the cache and browsing data in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera with ease. Then, restart your computer to see whether the problem persists. Hopefully, it will be effective.

Method #3: Examine your data and time

You must ensure that your date and time are right; otherwise, your computer will struggle to communicate with the server, resulting in the error code. If your date and time are off, be sure to reset the clock and test it.

Method #4: Clean Boot Troubleshooting

Extensions aren’t the only thing that can mess up your browser. Many programmes can do the same thing and prevent certain websites from launching on your PC. Clean Boot is required to determine what is causing the problem.

Method #5: Restart the router and the computer

The problem could be caused by a glitch, which can be rectified by restarting the devices. You should restart your computer and see if that helps. If the problem persists, restart your router, being sure you follow the instructions exactly.

  1. Switch off your router.
  2. Wait 30 seconds after unplugging the network equipment.
  3. Reconnect the router after 30 seconds.
  4. Switch on your router.
  5. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

Method #6: Allow Cookies to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020

When you visit a website, you are prompted to activate Cookies. If you do not enable Cookies, the error code in question will most likely be triggered. So, whenever you visit a website and are prompted to activate Cookies, simply do so. Also, be certain that your browser is not set to disable cookies. To accomplish the same, follow the instructions.


Go to the following address.


Also, make sure the website you’re trying to access isn’t listed under “Sites that can never use cookies.”


Go to the following address.


Check that the site is not prohibited by clicking on Manage Exceptions from Cookies and Site Data.


Go to the following address.


If the website is already on the Block list, remove it.

Method #7: Extensions should be removed

There are numerous extensions that can conflict with your browser and prevent it from opening a website. What you need to do is try trial and error; simply disable one extension at a time until the problem is resolved. You will be able to identify the perpetrator and permanently delete it this way.

Method #8: Exit the website and search for another site that has the same material

This isn’t a solution, but it’s something you can try if nothing else works. There are many websites with similar material; simply do a little research and go to that site.

Method #9: Contact the Site Owner to Fix Cloudflare Error 1020

If you tried everything and still couldn’t solve the problem, you may have violated the firewall rules. As a result, if possible, contact the site’s owner and ask for answers. The site administrator creates the firewall rules, so there is nothing to worry about; simply go to the Contact Us or About page on that site and interact with the administrator.

Why is Cloudflare blocking my IP?

Cloudflare usually does not block your IP address, but if it does, it is likely that you are using a dynamic IP address. The majority of routers and modems employ dynamic IP. However, the possibilities of your IP being blocked are quite minimal; therefore, if you encounter a Cloudflare error, use the error number to look for remedies.

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