How to Hack pldt Wifi Password using Laptop

How to Hack pldt Wifi Password using Laptop

How to Hack pldt Wifi Password using Laptop? This trick works in Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. PLDT Wifi password hack windows. how to hack wifi password on pc. Through this trick, you can easily hack your neighbour’s wifi password. How to hack a wifi password on a laptop without any software.

Hi Friends, we’re going to share some tricks in this post that can assist you to hack the cmd wifi password. These tricks can be experienced with your neighbours or friends. how to hack wifi password using cmd 100% working. It’s not necessarily because of upgraded hardware this trick will work with every pldt wifi. But with wifi having ancient modems or routers you can still attempt this crack.

  • WEP: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is one of the most commonly used wireless security keys. It was introduced in 1999 and is also the oldest and most common key. WEP utilizes encryption of 128 bit and 256-bit. You can readily access 128-bit encryption and Hack WiFi password using CMD with the assistance of this tutorial.
  • WAP and WAP2: Wi-Fi Protected Access is another Wi-Fi encryption variant that was first used in 2003. Using the model of 256-bit encryption, it is hard to hack. WAP2 is a WAP update and was launched in 2006. It has since substituted WAP and is now mostly used in offices and universities around the world.

How to Hack pldt Wifi Password using Laptop?

1. Open cmd by clicking on the start button or entering “windows+r”, then type “cmd” and press “Enter”.

2. In the cmd window, type “netsh wlan show network mode=bssid

3. This command will display all the WiFi networks accessible in your area.

see wifi networks in cmd

4. This is the final step. Just type: “netsh wlan connect name=(wifi name)” e.g “netsh wlan connect name=Google Gangs” and connect to that WiFi network.

hack wifi with cmd without software

5. Type “netsh wlan disconnect” to disconnect it

Disconnect wifi network with cmd

6. Done. Thanks for Reading This 🙂

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