Modern Bungalow Interior Design Ideas

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Modern Bungalow Interior Design Ideas. I’ve been struggling lately to find home tours that make me feel open, inspiring, and most importantly, living in. Although there are so many dessert portfolios out there with lovely homes and offices, they’re so beautifully styled that it all seems a little contrived.

Modern Bungalow Interior Design

The modern bungalow reveals that rich tones can be completely used in an all-white interior, offers a serious lesson in layering, and demonstrates that you can do it without going boho.

The first surprise in store for visitors to the home is the dark wooden walls in the hallway-not the light and airy entrance you were expecting, wasn’t it? Yet I just enjoy the drama. It also feels cooler to have dark walls in warm climates, so it also feels pretty good to get in in the summer!

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Bungalow house interior design

The darker tones carry you to the rest of your house but don’t feel too heavy for the white space at all. After seeing so much Scandinavian furniture lately, it’s a nice reminder that rooms don’t all have to be doused in oak to make you feel warm and cheerful! I love the double-layer rugs in here, and the coffee table!

The kitchen and dining room may be my favourite bungalow rooms. The archway that could certainly feel out of date actually produces a little charm here, in my opinion! It has a front porch feel that helps carry the casual outdoor feeling to complement a modern kitchen.

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Best Bungalow Interior Design Ideas

In fact, the kitchen is surprisingly sleek because of the otherwise warm house, but I like it! I’m not one who promotes mirrors around a stovetop (sounds like a recipe for endless cleaning to me) but they open up a little bit of the room and help to bring even more light into space.

Now, this is where the house tour gets interesting because, without any context, I’m going to have to assume that the next few rooms are probably guest quarters, as they have a second kitchen and a bedroom.

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This curtained storage piece seems to serve as an entrance and counter room, which is very clever. And I’d bet that those chairs don’t necessarily always live at that table because they take up quite a bit of space in the small dining area. If it were me, I would have gone for something a little smaller in size. That said, it all looks like a great use of space! From light linens to rich rugs and all the texture that has been woven, the mix looks beachy yet traditional at the same time.

Contemporary Interior Design of Bungalow

Contemporary Interior Design Of Bungalow

Kitchen Interior Design of Bungalow

Kitchen Interior Design Of Bungalow

Modern Bungalow Bedroom Interior Design

Modern Bungalow Bedroom Interior Design

Bungalow Living Room Interior

Bungalow Living Room Interior

Bungalow Bathroom Interior Design

Bungalow Bathroom Interior Design

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