The Most important image on the internet

The most important image on the internet. Are Google’s rankings deciding the most important picture on the internet in 2021? By the number of people who like social media? With how many views? Or maybe by the number of times it has been shared?

Most important image on the internet

There’s not only one way to quantify success online, which is why we scoured the internet for a mix of photos that performed well across varied search and social media. Each of the photos below has won a spot on this very significant list to catch the hearts of internet users wide and far.

1. Doug the Pug Surrounded by a Bunch of Tasty Snacks

Doug The Pug Surrounded By A Bunch Of Tasty Snacks

This particular image is the number one result at this time of writing in the search by Google Image for the “most popular image on the Internet.” Featuring the very internet-famous “Doug the Pug” who looks amazingly comfortable and trendy, the image is part of a list of images posted to Imgur for the top 10 search results when uploaded.

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In case you wondered about the importance of this pug, you should know he has 3.7 million followers from Instagram and 2.78 million followers from Twitter.

2. A Diagram of Two Possible Ways Dogs Could Wear Pants

A Diagram Of Two Possible Ways Dogs Could Wear Pants

Google might be showing Doug the Pug as their top picture, but what about other search engines? Ok, according to both Bing and Yahoo, when you check for the “most important image on the internet” (at this time of writing) this diagram is the top image.

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It appears in the same Collection of Imgur as Doug the Pug. The doodles in the diagram aren’t that good, but certainly the question it poses is amusing.

3. Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Kylie Jenners Baby

This photograph that Kylie Jenner posted to Instagram of her new baby daughter’s hand holding her finger has been the most liked Instagram photo with over 18 million likes since February 2018 and almost a whole year after that.

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That’s right — it takes Kardashian-level fame combined with a life-changing occurrence like giving birth to a lot of dedication! Despite being dethroned in early 2019, it still merits a spot on this list for the length of time it reigned.

Most important Picture on the internet

4. The World Record Egg on Instagram

The World Record Egg On Instagram
The World Record Egg on Instagram

In case you wondered, here’s the post which beat Kylie. Instagram user world record egg set out to break the record for most Instagram likes and succeeded with nothing but a bland picture of an egg on January 13th, 2019.

The egg post went wildly viral, and in a matter of hours, shot up by millions of views. It has over 57 million likes, as of January 2020.

5. The Crying Cat Meme

The Crying Cat Meme
Know Your Meme

Crying Cat, also known as Schmuserkadser, is an internet meme featuring a teary-eyed white cat that made its debut on the internet back in 2014, but in 2018 it began to pick up big steam.

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Interest in Crying Cat hit its height late in 2018 and is still going strong in 2020, according to Google Trends. The image itself is iconic and you’ll find it’s becoming the template for many Photoshop edits shared through various social media sites today.

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