Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode?

Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode

Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode? When your phone reaches 15% power, you may receive a warning informing you that, by default, your phone has turned off some background features and has enabled Low Power Mode in order to keep it functioning.

Does your Phone Charge Faster on Low Power Mode?

You might get another hour or so out of it, but with its more limited use, you’re more likely to overrule that setting. This indicates that if you continue to use your phone, it will run out of power in about 20 minutes.

Fortunately, the ever-adaptable power banks ensure that you can always avoid the dreaded 1% and speedy shutdown. You’ll never be disconnected again thanks to the ability to charge wirelessly as well as via USB-C and Lightning cords. But what happens if you need a rapid charge? Will keeping that low power mode enabled to speed up your return to 100%?

You might be astonished to learn that it does not. According to studies, charging your iPhone in Low charge Mode has no effect on how quickly your phone reaches full charge. Let us investigate!

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What is Low Power Mode?

Low Power Mode is a feature that your phone activates automatically when its battery level reaches what some may consider a critical level. If you want to extend the life of your phone before the next charge, you can put it in this mode yourself.

It disables several background tasks, allowing the remaining battery life to last a little longer. E-mail, system updates, internet connection, and any live features such as screen animations or synchronisation are examples of functions that will be turned off. It will also reduce the brightness of the screen.

If you want to activate it before it reaches its default level, you can add the Low Power Mode (LPM) function to the control centre screen and activate it instantly. Simply do the following to accomplish this:

  1. Control Centre > Settings Scroll down until you find more controls.
  2. Locate the Low Power Mode option > Tap the green + symbol.

This means that if you’re worried about your battery dying, you can now enable the Low Power Mode by just swiping it down from the top of your screen.

Does a phone charger slower in low power mode?

We previously said that using Low Power Mode does not result in a faster charge; does this imply that it may charge slower when using this mode? No, it does not. No, it does not. Low Power Mode, according to the tech experts at, is a piece of software rather than hardware.

This means that the mode just disables various functionality to prevent the battery from draining rapidly. It has no effect on how the phone charges. To put this to the test, they charged an iPhone 13 while it was in Low Power Mode. They then had another iPhone 13 with a 30% battery that was charging in the usual mode. Both had increased by 47% in that time after 30 minutes of charging.

The power drawn from the charger on both phones was then measured, and neither surpassed 20w. One thing is clear: all iPhones will slow down their charging once they reach 50%, then, even more, when they reach 80%, and Low Power Mode will automatically turn off.

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How can I charge my phone more quickly?

Many phone carriers now provide a fast-charging option, which results in a faster charge when you put your phone into the wall. These aim to charge your phone to 50% or higher within half an hour. However, there are situations when a mains plug is unavailable, preventing a quick boost. Unless, of course, you’ve made a prudent investment in a good portable power bank.

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