How to Start Branded SMS Marketing Business

How to Start Branded SMS Marketing Business

How to Start a Branded SMS Marketing Business. Branded SMS means SMS that can be delivered from brand name to GSM devices instead of SIM numbers. Start branded SMS Marketing business now.

Branded SMS Marketing Business in Pakistan

Business owners can use branded SMS to promote their products, they can send a large amount of SMS using the web-based panel of branded SMS. With just one click, they can send thousands of SMS, these thousands of SMS will be delivered with their brand/company name in a few minutes to their targeted mobile numbers.

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Branded SMS Selling business today is very profitable. If you are interested in starting this business, read carefully as directed.

Branded SMS Marketing is very popular nowadays in the marketing

SMS Marketing Services

How to Start Branded SMS Marketing Business

All mobile operators are connected to each operator, which is a large global network. The operator gives us a module called the SIM Card that connects us to the server of operators, and the server of the operator is connected to the country’s main telecom company. And all countries are connected to other countries.

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So we can communicate with our friends and family using SIM operators that are actually connected to operators, operators connecting us to other operators around the world. Branded SMS System is a web-based software that connects to operators via the API (Application Program Interface) and allows operators to send SMS by brand name rather than by any number. Now I’m clearing how you can easily start your Branded SMS system.

To start this business, you need to follow these things.

  1. The website is well developed.
  2. SMS Panel (Web-based script. dynamically developed).
  3. SMS Package supporting the API.
  4. Little skills like email and browsing the web.

SMS Panel Website is well developed:

The website is like shopping if your shop is clean and easy for customers to explore, so you can get good traffic from the customer. If you are a developer who would otherwise be good, you will hire any developer to develop a professional website for you.

SMS Panel:

You can buy a ready-made SMS panel from different SMS marketing websites. One to create a customer account and manage their balance and send SMS history etc. SMS panel has features to add customers, add customer SMS credit, monitor customer traffic, and more.

SMS Package supporting the API:

Third, many operators and SMS service providers are offering SMS-limited API accounts. You charge SMS on the basis that you can send SMS to your SMS credit limit using your API meets. You need a big SMS plan so you get a big discount on the price and you can earn a big sales margin.

How to start Branded SMS Marketing Services

Start your own Branded SMS Marketing company. Follow these steps:

  1. Install SMS Panel on the domain or subdomain of your website.
  2. Configure your SMS panel with the API of the purchased SMS account.
  3. Creating an account for clients and assigning them credit limits.
  4. Add your brand name mask to your account
  5. Send login information to your clients.
  6. That’s it. Enjoy!

If you bought 10000 SMS credits from any SMS service provider then your customers can use their account to send 10000 SMS credits. You’ll buy more credit after that.

How does SMS Marketing Service work?

Your SMS panel will be connected to the SMS service provider with the API, and your customer will be able to send SMS messages from the SMS service provider using your SMS panel, your SMS panel will receive your customers ‘ SMS requests and send them to your SMS service provider via the API.

This request will be sent to the recipient by the service provider.

Actually, the API is a URL with parameters like;


See the diagram below to understand this procedure easily

Branded SMS Marketing Module
Branded SMS Marketing Module

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