How to Uninstall or Delete Firmware Updates 2023

How to Uninstall/Delete Firmware Updates 2019

How to Uninstall or Delete Firmware Updates. How To Uninstall System Update on Android. Firmware is the software embedded in a read-only memory or ROM; programmable read-only memory, or PROM; or erasable read-only programmable memory, or EPROM, of a hardware device such as a cell phone or computer.

How to Uninstall or Delete Firmware Updates

Most devices have firmware updates from time to time, but you can’t simply uninstall it if you run an update and something goes wrong.

How To Uninstall System Update on Android

How to delete firmware updates

Steps to Uninstall or Delete Firmware Updates

The ROM, PROM, and EPROM need to operate the firmware. You need to replace it with another firmware variant instead of just removing it.

  1. Search for another firmware variant for your computer on the Internet. The firmware may be an older version, a newer version, or an alternative version produced by a third party, such as the firmware produced for iPhones by a third party.
  2. If possible, download the firmware to your desktop or device.
  3. If necessary, connect the machine to your laptop and operate the fresh firmware. To run it, double-click the firmware. Select the location where you want the firmware to be installed and click “OK.” After the installation of the new firmware, the old firmware will no longer be on your system.

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