How to Power off Frozen iPhone 2021

How To Power Off Frozen IPhone

How to Power off Frozen iPhone. If your iPhone screen is frozen or unresponsive, the device’s resetting is a sure way to solve the issue. The resetting force of your iPhone clears the memory of the device comparable to the manner your phone resets the memory of your laptop. Shuts down your phone by resetting your iPhone and then restarts it automatically. Start the operation by holding down on the phone particular buttons.

Frozen Iphone

Step 1:

Press the “Sleep / Wake” key on the top-right side of the iPhone and at the same time press the “Home” key below the touch screen of the device.

Step 2:

Hold both buttons down for at least 10 seconds or the device turns off until the screen goes blank.

Step 3:

Release the buttons. The iPhone automatically restarts.

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