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Is it safe to buy iCloud locked iPhone?

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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Is it safe to buy iCloud locked iPhone?

Is it safe to buy an iCloud locked iPhone? If you are searching for a used iPhone, find one for a reasonable price and in good condition, but the catch is, the Activation Lock is on, it’s an immediate red flag. An iPhone that has been Activation Locked can be activated only with its owner’s iCloud credentials. Buying an iCloud-locked phone is equivalent to purchasing a very expensive paperweight.

Is it safe to buy an iPhone which is iCloud Activation Locked?

You can not do that, given what YouTube videos or websites say about exploits or programs that let you get through an iCloud lock. It’s a security layer developed by Apple to protect individuals from getting their phones stolen and then resold by robbers. You can not get around it as such unless you were the original phone owner who put the Activation Lock in place.

Of course, not all iCloud-locked phones will be stolen. Occasionally a seller can forget to deactivate their iCloud account before handing it over via Find My iPhone. That’s why you need to test that move before you take possession of a new iPhone to make sure it’s done.

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When you buy off eBay or online, and you are unable to check that the iPhone is disabled, do not purchase it. If you are buying off Craigslist or in person and the seller can not access it before handing it over to you, do not make the deal.

There are lots of great offers out there on used iPhones. Locked iPhone activation isn’t one of those.

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