Samsung grows into AR with the glasses trademark

Samsung grows into AR with the glasses trademark

Samsung grows into AR with the glasses trademark. With new trademarks and agreements pointing to numerous device launches on the horizon, Samsung appears to be making a major bet on augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Samsung grows into AR with the glasses trademark

According to SamMobile, a Samsung news outlet, the company recently received a UK patent for the term “Samsung Glasses,” which covers product categories such as augmented reality headsets, smart glasses, and virtual reality headsets. This means that Samsung’s first AR smart glasses are in the works and could be available in the next years.

In the enterprise sector, the glasses are likely to compete with gadgets such as Meta’s recently released RayBan Smart Glasses and Google Glass. Now, Samsung has joined the growing heated fight between Meta and Apple in the market for immersive electronics. In early October, one Meta employee commented on the issue, saying, “We’re in the ‘afraid of Apple’ stage.”

Furthermore, Samsung is working with Google and Qualcomm on a high-end mixed-reality headgear that is expected to launch in late 2024. Previously, rumours stated that Samsung was working on an independent XR headset, but insiders now claim that Samsung halted development after seeing Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset in order to create a more premium competition.

Qualcomm has hinted at a next-generation XR chipset in development that will be more powerful than the current Meta Quest headset. Samsung’s device would most certainly make use of this latest semiconductor technology, as well as MicroOLED displays from Samsung’s recent acquisition of eMagin.

Samsung appears poised to go head-to-head with Apple, Meta, and Google as immersive technologies become more widespread, with two concurrent AR/VR initiatives in the works with industry heavyweights.

Though launch dates are uncertain, the trademarks and agreements indicate that augmented and mixed reality devices will play an important role in Samsung’s future device roadmap, alongside its popular phone, tablet, and computer lines.

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