One UI 6 user noticed potential screen burn-in issues

One UI 6 user noticed potential screen burn-in issues

One UI 6 user noticed potential screen burn-in issues. The Android 14-based One UI 6 update has been released by Samsung, but customers have experienced issues with the pixel shift feature on OLED screens, potentially leading to screen burn-in. The problem, which was first noticed on Reddit, affects the status bar icons, which no longer move as they should. The issue was confirmed via a three-step test using screenshots.

One UI 6 user noticed potential screen burn-in issues

Samsung’s smartphone users have lately begun receiving the Android 14-based One UI 6 update. A small number of devices have received the update, which adds a slew of new capabilities to Samsung’s Android 14 overlay. However, some users who have updated the current version have noticed a problem with the pixel shift feature on OLED panels, which could result in screen burn-in.

The issue was initially noticed on the social discussion site Reddit, according to FoneArena.

What exactly are OLED screen burn-ins?

Screen burn-in is a risk with OLED displays. This produces persistent discolouration of screens, which might have an impact on display quality. In One UI 5, Samsung introduced a function called Pixel shifting, which is intended to prevent burn-ins. This feature appears to be broken in the One UI 6 release.

The impact of One UI 6 on Samsung displays

Users have reported that status bar icons are no longer shifting locations as they should in One UI 6. A Reddit user also mentioned that the problem can be confirmed using a simple three-step test:

  1. Capture a screenshot with the status bar displayed.
  2. Five times, rotate the screen from portrait to landscape and back.
  3. Open the screenshot in Samsung Gallery to see where the status bar is.

The user has also posted screenshots from One UI 5 and 6. When compared to One UI 6, the status bar remains static. This suggests a problem with the burn-in protection feature. The Pixel Shift functionality appeared to be functional for the navigation bar, but the status bar icons did not move. This points to a potential problem in One UI 6.0.

On the Reddit thread, several users stated they were experiencing the same problem. This prompted questions regarding the efficacy of One UI 6’s burn-in protection mechanism. Samsung is anticipated to address this issue in a future software update. However, the corporation has yet to recognise the issue.

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