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Apple logo will be centered on 2019 iPhones for reverse wireless charging

Qi-enabled devices to enable 2019 iPhones to start wireless charging

Apple logo will be centered on 2019 iPhones for reverse wireless charging. The keynote of Apple’s’ only through innovation’ is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean the leaks and countless reports will stop. The Apple logo is to be present on the back of all 2019 iPhones, according to a fresh series of info, and it won’t be there just because the company felt like a little change in design. For a reason it’s there; to help users with wireless reverse charging.

Logo to help users set up Qi-enabled devices to enable 2019 iPhones to start wireless charging

A Bloomberg report says that there will be a subtle change in the form of the Apple logo when the 2019 iPhones are officially here. However, the change will not be added to bump the aesthetics or show the people around you that you have the latest and greatest iPhone in your hand’s palm.

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In fact, the change is clever if it turns out to be true. Similar to wireless charging, reverse wireless charging has some conveniences in the sense that you will have to align the device accurately in a particular position otherwise it will not juice up.

The Apple logo will serve as a ‘ guiding star ‘ form to help users set up their Qi-enabled devices such as AirPods charging case or even Apple Watch. If non-Apple products such as the Galaxy Buds can charge when placed right on top of the Apple logo, it is not confirmed.

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We know that the company is rumored to include all three 2019 iPhones with larger batteries than their predecessors. Not only should the extra capacity help with additional ‘ screen on ‘ time, but it should also provide leftover juice to supplement Qi-enabled devices and accessories.

Other interesting features include improved water resistance and durable glass to protect the 2019 iPhones from water bodies and drops, although bear in mind that as it is glass and not metal, you should be more careful. The keynote will kick off on September 11 and you can always keep track of our detailed roundup if there is anything you need to know about the iPhone 11 event.


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