5 Best Apps for Fake Texting [Android & iOS]

Best Apps for Fake Texting

5 Best Apps for Fake Texting [Android & iOS]. Did you like pranking your friends and want to take it to the next level? This post will help you! There are numerous apps available for Android and iOS that allow you to replicate text messages. Fake text message conversation for Android and iOS 2022.

5 Best Apps for Fake Texting

Such apps generate realistic dialogues that you can use to make fun of your friends or to get yourself out of awkward situations. The apps are completely configurable, and some of them even replicate popular messenger conversations. Best fake message app android.

List of 5 Best Apps for Fake Texting 2023

Here is a selection of the top 5 apps in the category that are worth your attention. Examine it out!

1. TextingStory Chat Story Maker

TextingStory - Chat Story Maker

Let’s begin with a programme called TextingStory Chat Story Maker. This is a conversation simulator tool that allows you to generate convincing fake text messages.

The first thing to say is that this programme is designed solely for fun reasons, allowing you to prank your friends and family. This programme appears to be a standard messenger at first glance, but the distinction is that you may swap between characters simply by touching on their names. You can create full-fledged character profiles with photographs and descriptions.

In addition, the programme includes a share screen function for sharing screenshots with the people you wish to prank. You can also record screen videos to make the entire dialogue appear more authentic. Furthermore, the video you record will be automatically sped up to appear more stable and genuine. You can also instantly share or upload the video on social media.

As a result, the programme does not apply a watermark to the screenshots and videos, so there is no need to be concerned. The video is also coming together quickly – a little more than a minute. You can change the background and colour scheme of a discussion to customise its appearance.

If you want to make fun of your pals by generating a phoney text exchange, try the TextingStory app.

2. FakeChat Maker Best Apps for Fake Texting

Fake Chat Maker - WhatsMock Prank chat

WhatsMock can be used to prank your buddies. Create phoney chat discussions to dupe your pals. Fake Chat allows you to create realistic mock-ups of chat discussions that you may share with your friends. Make Whats Prank contacts and conversations and have a good time with your friends and family.


  • Create Fake Profiles
  • Send Fake Conversation
  • Add Fake Status
  • Full emoji support
  • Control both sides of the conversation
  • Image, Video and Audio support
  • Fake call
  • Take a screenshot and share
  • List of call logs


  • Send videos in conversation
  • Make and receive video calls
  • Send Status Video
  • Dark Mode

3. Pranksta


Pranksta is a well-known tool for impersonating conversations on (you guessed it) Instagram. You will be able to prank your friends and family with realistic-looking screenshots of talks using this programme.

When you initially launch the app, you must agree to the terms and conditions of use, which state that the developer will not be held liable for incorrect app usage. You will also be required to sign an agreement to watch advertisements.

And for good reason – as soon as you open a new project for faking the messages, the adverts will appear and you will have to wait at least 8 seconds before you can continue using Pranksta.

Despite this, the editor for false texts on this site is quite basic and user-friendly. You will receive a brief tutorial on how to use the app, but it is not required. The interface makes everything apparent. And then you type the message into the bar and select whether it should be sent or received.

Users can choose the name of the profile with whom they’re having a phoney discussion in the top right corner of the screen – choose a name, a photo, everything, and status.

Then you can capture a screenshot directly in the app, but you must first grant the app permission in the settings. People will never notice the difference because the interface design is a carbon replica of Instagram!

4. Fake Chat Conversations

Fake Chat Conversations - WhatsMessage

Phoney Conversations, as the name implies, is a chat simulator tool that allows you to send fake messages to yourself. Unlike the other apps on our list, this one does not allow you to create artificial dialogues in random messages. This programme is designed primarily to impersonate WhatsApp conversations. Otherwise, it has the same features as its siblings. You can change characters and send SMS and MMS messages. You may also send yourself false voice messages and even fake phone calls!

In addition, you can construct a full-fledged profile for your fictitious (or not) character. You can give him/her a name and a profile photograph, or just leave it as a phone number. All of the app’s details may be modified, including the colour scheme, background image, and dark mode. You can even adjust the timeline for all of the messages many times.

No worries, the app supports all of the emojis that the original messages offer. You can even change the amount of missed calls for the false calls if necessary. You may also customise the chats list page by adding as many phoney discussions as you wish. When you’re finished with your phoney discussion, snap a screenshot and send it to the person you want to prank.

To summarise, if you want to fake WhatsApp text messages, try the Fake Chat Conversations software.

5. Fake Message Free 2022

Fake Text Message 2022 5 Best Apps for Fake Texting

The second programme, Fake Message Free 2022, is also designed for making fake chat dialogues. This software, like the last one, appears to be a standalone messenger. Again, the primary purpose of this programme is to replicate the most convincing discussions possible. As a result, every single detail in this software can be changed. You can alter the colour scheme and background of the debate. You can even spoof the conversations list page by inserting as many bogus discussions as you wish.

The software functions similarly to its sibling apps in that you can swap between characters and have a full-fledged discussion with fictitious (or not) persons. SMS and MMS are the two choices for sending and receiving false communications. As a result, you can not only send text messages to yourself but also photos and videos.

Similarly, the app allows you to adjust the timetable for as long as you want, allowing you to reuse the same teat pattern. The software has a screenshot function that allows you to send the images directly to the person you want to prank. You can even screen record the chat to make it appear more authentic.

There’s even the option to speed up the video if necessary. Overall, if you need to fake massages for any reason, give the Fake Message Free app a try. Fake text message android.

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