The Surprisingly Early Launch Date of the New Samsung Galaxy S24

The Surprisingly Early Launch Date of the New Samsung Galaxy S24

The Surprisingly Early Launch Date of the New Samsung Galaxy S24. Rumours are swirling that Samsung may release its forthcoming Galaxy S24 somewhat sooner than usual. According to a recent story from the Korean website The Elec (via SamMobile), Samsung’s next flagship will be launched on January 17th 2024, with the device lineup available for pre-order the following day. San Jose, California, will also host the Galaxy Unpacked event.

The Surprisingly Early Launch Date of the New Samsung Galaxy S24

According to the source, the thought process behind an earlier debut date aims to boost sales in the first half of next year. Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra will be unveiled at the launch event.

This isn’t the first piece of information pointing to a January release. Last month, insiders communicating with SamMobile stated that the new handset would be introduced in “early to mid-January,” which was corroborated by tipster Ice Universe, who claimed that the Galaxy S24 series had reached mass production.

The S21, which was announced on January 14th and delivered on January 29th, was the last flagship Galaxy S phone to arrive this early. According to The Elec, purchasers might receive their S24 as early as January 26th, making it one of the earliest releases in recent Samsung history.

The S22 series was released in February of last year, while the Galaxy S20 was launched in February and went on sale on March 6th. The Galaxy S10 followed a similar release timetable, debuting on March 8, 2019.

We’ll find out if that date and location are correct in the coming weeks, but considering the frequency of recent leaks, an earlier release seems likely. The business also intends to add additional AI capabilities to the Galaxy S24 lineup.

A new “Live Translate Call” function, which appears to be planned for the Galaxy S24, would automatically translate calls in real-time, directly through the native phone app. In addition, Samsung has created its own generative AI model, Gauss, which can edit and produce graphics, summarise texts, and act as a coding assistant.

It remains to be seen how all of this translates into user-friendly functionality. However, Samsung appears to be considering how it will incorporate complex AI techniques into everyday apps, with Live Translate Call serving as a prime example of bridging that gap. If the business has more of this up its sleeve, it will alleviate a long-standing feature-bloat problem with its phones while also challenging Google’s AI-powered Pixel 8.

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