PUBG Lite Version is Coming Soon

PUBG Lite Version is Coming Soon

PUBG Lite Version is Coming Soon – The manufacturers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), an online royal battle multiplayer game, announced that they would launch the ‘ LITE ‘ version of the game for low-end PCs but with optimized graphics.

The PUBG LITE announced on its official Facebook page that the lighter beta version will shortly be accessible for ‘ free ‘ download in India, while the manufacturers are extending it to many other countries in Southeast Asia.

PUBG LITE’s beta version is accessible in nine nations including Thailand and later extended to include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, and Turkey. Players in other nations can play it through VPN facilities.

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PUBG LITE takes a comparable strategy to Fortnite when it comes to distribution as opposed to the complete version of the game that is only accessible on PC via Steam. Before downloading from the internet, a PUBG LITE launcher must be mounted on the PC of the player.

The manufacturers have not yet signaled their launch in Pakistan, however, all fans should wait patiently for it.

Pubg Lite Coming soon

Earlier on March 1, Chinese gaming giant Tencent announced fresh curbs on underage video gameplay as part of a public crackdown on addiction to youth gaming that has cast a cloud over the company’s largest source of income.

Tencent said it had imposed on some games a digital lock that requires players under the age of 13 to ask their guardians to open.

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For the Chinese variants of the two hit games “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG Mobile,” the fresh restriction will be introduced.

Last year, the government announced fresh controls on the amount of internet playable games, restricted new releases, and imposed regulations on underage players to decrease their screen time.

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