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How to Unlock iCloud and Remove Activation Lock

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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How to Unlock iCloud and Remove Activation Lock

How to Unlock iCloud and Remove Activation Lock. It’s frustrating to have an iPhone with an iCloud lock because you can’t use the phone until it’s unlocked and it’s not always simple to unlock. Your best bet is to know what it means when attempting to have an iCloud-blocked iPhone, know how to solve this problem, and what to prevent.

What is iCloud Activation Lock in iPhone?

Activation Lock is another name for iCloud locking. Apple brought this function back in iOS 7 to avoid the theft of iPhones.

Activation Lock is activated on phones when my iPhone is switched on. Once enabled, you can not erase the iPhone, activate it on another account, or disable Find My iPhone without entering the username and password of the Apple ID that was originally used with the phone.

How to Unlock iCloud and Remove Activation Lock

How to Remove Activation Lock of iPhone

This is a very efficient anti-theft measure because a thief will almost definitely not have the iCloud username and password for the individual they stole on the phone; the phone will not operate without it.

How to tell when iCloud is locked?

If you see an on-screen message reading “Activation Lock,” the phone will be locked and the username and password of the Apple ID used to initially set up the phone will be needed.

All iCloud-locked phones have been stolen?

Since Activation Lock has been implemented to avoid theft, you may wonder if any locked iCloud is robbed. Not eventually.

Accidentally, Activation Lock can be enabled. If you forget to turn off Find My iPhone or sign out of iCloud before you erase an iPhone, or if your Apple ID is disabled, the Activation Lock screen will be displayed when you try to set it up again. This is somewhat prevalent when purchasing iPhones that are used.

Similarly, iCloud locking is a sign that a phone may be stolen. If you’re purchasing a used iPhone, be sure to ask if Activation Lock is disabled and don’t purchase your phone if it’s not.

How to unblock an iCloud Locked iPhone?

There is only one way for iCloud-locked devices to be unlocked. Activation Lock is an incredibly efficient safety instrument, as stated above. You either have or you don’t have the data to unlock it. How to Unlock iCloud and Remove Activation۔

If you see the Activation Lock screen on the iPhone that you are trying to activate, simply enter the username and password of the Apple ID that was used to originally activate the phone and solve your issue. If you forgot your password for Apple ID, you’re going to have to reset it).

Things get more complex, though, when you don’t have your username and password, like buying a used iPhone. You have a few choices if an iPhone is locked into an account other than yours.

If you are physically close to the individual whose account was initially used in the iPhone:

  1. Ask them to enter the credentials of their Apple ID account on the phone.
  2. They should sign out of iCloud when the phone comes to the home screen:

  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign Out on iOS 10.2 and above.
  • Go to Settings > [ your name ] > Sign Out for iOS 10.3 and up.
  1. When asked for the username and password of their Apple ID, they should re-enter it.

  2. Tap Sign Out on iOS 10.2 and above, then tap Delete from My iPhone. Tap Turn Off on iOS 10.3 and up.

  3. Erase the phone again by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

  4. When this time phone reboots, the Activation Lock screen should not be viewed.

That’s the straightforward version. The slightly harder version emerges when you are not physically close to the individual whose account is required. They need to remove the lock with iCloud in that event.

  1. Ask them to go to iCloud.com and use the username and password to allow the iPhone to log in.
  2. Tap Find My Phone.
  3. Select All Devices, then select the unlocked iPhone.
  4. Choose to erase your iPhone.
  5. Select Account Remove.
  6. Once your phone is removed from your account, you can restart your iPhone and when it begins you will not see the Activation Lock screen.

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If you are unable to obtain the original account to activate the phone

If you don’t have a way to log in to the initial iPhone account, you’re basically stuck. Activation Lock is a strong and efficient instrument and no easy way around it. That’s why making sure used phones aren’t locked in iCloud before you purchase them is so essential.

Your only choice is to reach out to Apple. If you are able to provide Apple with valid evidence of acquisition, the business may be prepared to unlock your phone. Get a receipt or other evidence of purchase, then contact Apple to find out if they can assist with tech support.

About websites that promise to unlock my phone

If you’ve completed any Google on this subject, you’ve probably found dozens of websites and forum posts claiming that there are firms that can bypass iCloud locks. Some may call themselves “official” unlocks, but basically, they are all scams that seek to take your money for a service that they can not provide.

These facilities are usually either just searching to take your cash or they may be involved in a fraud scheme that is even more complicated.

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