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PUBG Lite Beta Servers Set to go online on July 4 in India

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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PUBG Lite Beta Servers Set to go online on July 4 in India

PUBG Lite Beta Servers Set to go online on July 4 in India. PUBG Lite has been designed for low-end PCs. The PUBG Lite registrations lastly launched in India last month, promising attendees a lot of freebies. If you’ve already registered for PUBG Lite and waited to attempt the toned-down version of the battle royale game, you’re not going to have to wait much longer to play the game. In this article, we will discuss the lite version of the Pubg Game.

Pubg Lite Beta Version for Low FPS Devices

PUBG Corp. announced that, along with a pubg pc lite indiaost of other nations, PUBG Lite Beta will go live in India on July 4. PUBG Lite servers will be live in India starting July 4, meaning that all those who have registered for beta testing will be able to get into the action in just three days. Pubg lite streaming is very good for low-fps devices. The Pubg Lite Mobile is a better option for beginners and low-budget devices.

PUBG Lite Beta Servers Set to go online on July 4 in India

The official Facebook page of PUBG Lite India revealed that the beta servers of Pubg Lite will be up and working on July 4 for all participants. In addition to India, in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, the PUBG Lite beta will also start on the same date. Particularly, in India, the PUBG Lite beta will also support Hindi.

“We are delighted to be able to bring PUBG LITE to users around the World. We have a lot of passionate PUBG players in South Asia, so it’s a significant target zone for us,” said Brady Choi, VP and Head of PUBG LITE at PUBG Corporation in a statement.

To remember, last month, PUBG Lite pre-registrations came live in India, with event codes planned to arrive on July 11 via email. PUBG Corp. has announced a host of in-game products to be provided to those pre-registering for PUBG Lite in India as freebies. Pre-registration for PUBG Lite beta testing is still available in India and you can do so from this section if you have not already registered.

PUBG will beta test the Lite version for a long time and what will be the release date of PUBG Lite for users who don’t want to attempt the beta version?

Pubg Mobile Lite Game Skins & Guns

As for the freebies, the weapon of Tiger M416 and the skins of the Cheetah parachute are doled out as rewards for the situation. If the pre-registration amount reaches 100,000, all participants will also earn a black scarf, punk glasses, and bloody combat pants.

If the pre-registration figures exceed 200,000, the gold PUBG scarf, yellow-black striped long-sleeved jacket, and red sports jacket will be provided to the participants.

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