Samsung Galaxy S10 update launches slow-motion selfie videos

Samsung Galaxy S10 Update Launches Slow Motion Selfie Videos

Samsung Galaxy S10 update launches slow-motion selfie videos. German and Swiss Samsung Galaxy S10 users are getting a cool new update that uses the front-facing camera for slow-motion video recording.

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The OTA update adds Auto Hotspot in addition to the slo-mo selfie video feature, which is a quick way to share your mobile connection with nearby devices that are logged into the same Samsung account. There is also a mention of improved recognition of fingerprints.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Update
Samsung Galaxy S10 Update

Moreover, the firmware update attaches to the notification shade a Media or System key allowing you to monitor gadgets that are attached to the phone, such as TVs and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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As of now, only phones are receiving the new treatment in Germany and Switzerland, but hopefully, it will soon be rolled out to other countries.


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