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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 New Update Enhances Image Quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 New Updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 New Update Enhances Image Quality. While we are still waiting for the update to deal with the Galaxy Note 10 fingerprint sensor issue, the company released another update to this smartphone. Recent reports show that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is currently receiving an update that essentially improves the performance of the image. It also increases the stability of the system and the role of face recognition.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 New Update Enhances Image Quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Update
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Latest Update
The following is the general log of the update:

New features

Software updates provide enhancements to the features mentioned below, which may vary depending on the model, country and service provider of your device۔

The VoLTE HD call settings for China Telecom are enabled by default.

  • If the VoLTE system is not enabled by the telecom card, contact the operator for the VOLTE launch.


  • Improved camera photo quality.
  • Button prompt tone more stable.
  • Enhance the stability of facial recognition features.

Regular security patches

  • Device security

According to Samsung, third party protective screens should be avoided by Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note 10 series consumers. This is because it is vulnerable to the fingerprint sensor on the monitor. The company is going to release an update next week to address this issue.

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