The Daydream VR project by Google is no longer a reality

The Daydream VR project by Google is no longer a reality

The Daydream VR project by Google is no longer a reality. Google’s senior hardware vice-president, Rick Osterloh, spoke last night at the Pixel event about sustainability on stage. While it is good to see the company thinking about greening its goods, it seems to find it difficult to ‘ sustain ‘ the projects they are launching.

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The search giant has destroyed the Daydream VR in its latest product assassination. VentureBeat the Pixel 4 has been confirmed by the company and Pixel 4 XL does not support the VR project. The company also failed to include Daydream support in its Pixel 3a budget and Pixel 3a XL budget.

The Daydream VR project by Google is no longer a reality

In a statement to VentureBeat, Google said it had noticed clear limitations for a long-term solution from the smartphone VR platform over time:

In smartphone VR, we saw a lot of potentials — the ability to use the smartphone you carry with you everywhere to power an immersive on-the-go experience. But over time we have noticed some clear limitations that restrict smartphone VR as a viable long-term solution.

Most importantly, this causes immense frustration to tell people to put their mobile in a headset and to lose access to the software they use all day long.

Additionally, there wasn’t a large product and user uptake that we had wished for, and we saw the Daydream View headset’s decreasing use over time. And while we don’t sell Daydream View or support Daydream on Pixel 4 anymore, the Daydream app and store will remain available to existing users.

The company added that it is based on Maps, Lens, and search AR experiences.

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At its developer conference Google IO, Google announced the Daydream VR project in May 2016. It unveiled its first VR headset the Daydream View later in October. While partnering with hardware manufacturers like Lenovo to produce standalone VR headsets under that project, the company did not gain as much popularity as it hoped.

Another item from Google is biting the dust.

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