How to Activate Hidden Dark Mode and Secure Password features in Chrome 78

How To Activate Hidden Dark Mode And Secure Password Features In Chrome 78 1024x538

How to activate Hidden Dark Mode and Secure Password features in Chrome 78. Here’s Chrome 78. Thankfully, your app should have upgraded the brand-new version already, which comes with bug fixes, security patches, and speedier boxes as you pass the mouse over windows. There are also two fun features buried in Chrome 78 to allow for a bit of digging.

How to Activate Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78

As its name implies, this feature will notify you if any of the logins that you have previously saved in Chrome have occurred in any type of data breach. Google can search your usernames and passwords against its compromise database— and no, that information is hashed so that you don’t simply send back and forth your plaintext credentials to a Google server anywhere. Password Leak Detection is basically an enhanced variant of Google’s previously released Password Checkup feature if that helps.

How to Activate Hidden Dark Mode and Secure Password features in Chrome 78

How Password Checkup Helps Keep Your Accounts Safe
How password checkup helps keep your accounts safe

To allow Password Leak Detection in Chrome 78, first make sure you’re running Chrome 78 by clicking the triple-dot icon in your browser’s top-right corner, hovering over “Support,” and pressing “About Google Chrome.” Your browser will verify that the latest version is running; if not, it will uninstall it and ask you to upgrade.

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Once you’re ready, type in your browser address bar “chrome://flags/#password-leak-detection“, hit Enter, and activate the app.

Chrome Password Leak Detection Feature

How to enable the “Force Dark Mode” in Chrome 78

We’ve addressed this before, so I’m going to make it easy. Chrome 78’s “Force Dark Mode” feature allows you to create a dark mode for websites that might otherwise not have a theme set up for people who want a darker look and feel. Chrome will instead simulate what it believes a dark theme will feel like instead of being assaulted by a bright white screen.

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It’s not beautiful, but if you despise being surprised with bright websites, it gets the job done. (Rhymes unintentionally.) Simply enter chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark in your address bar to turn on Force Dark Mode, hit Enter, and activate the feature.

Force Dark Mode For Web Contents

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