Users of dual SIM mobile phones requested IMEI registration

Users of dual SIM mobile phones requested IMEI registration

Users of dual SIM mobile phones requested IMEI registration. ISLAMABAD: On Saturday, all subscribers with dual SIM mobile phones were asked by the telecom regulatory authority to register their International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers separately before 31 August.

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“There have been cases where subscribers who own dual SIM handsets registered an IMEI number against the slot they are using. Most consumers do not use the second slot and either has not registered or forgotten to register the IMEI amount against it. Mobile device users are advised to register all IMEIs with one IMEI registered and the other IMEI not registered.

Users of dual SIM mobile phones requested IMEI registration

The unregistered IMEI in a dual SIM mobile phone will be blocked after 31 August,” said a statement from the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA). There is mostly one International Mobile Equipment Identity number on a mobile phone set, but there are two in dual SIM devices.

The IMEI is used only to identify the device and has no subscriber relationship. The PTA uses the number to identify valid devices and can, therefore, be used to stop a stolen telephone from accessing the country’s network.

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PTA explained that in order to register such devices, users can send an email to with details such as a device screenshot showing all IMEIs programmed, device box screenshot showing IMEI(s), CNIC copy, and applicant contact details.

PTA said all such requests will be evaluated and validated cases will be registered accordingly. Such SIM slots will not be registered or entertained after August 30. PTA has advised subscribers to dial * # 06 # and SMS every 15 digits IMEI to 8484 to check the status of a mobile device.

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PTA said users of mobile devices were recommended to register all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices under their new indigenous system called Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS). DIRBS was developed to counter the country’s smuggling and use of mobile phones knock-off.

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