What is Global Better Ads Standards? Comply with Better Ads Standard

What is Global Better Ads Standards? How to Comply with Better Ads Standard?

What is Global Better Ads Standards? How to Comply with Better Ads Standard? On my Google Adsense account, I recently received this notification:

Global Better Ads Standards. Google Chrome will support the Better Ads Standards globally from July 9th. Ads may be filtered on Chrome browsers if you don’t comply with the standard.

What does this indicate now? I’m just using the Google Adsense code I’ve copied. And how do I understand if the ad meets this standard? This is just a straightforward message with no useful connections. But I did the study, and in this article, I’m going to share all the data and how to fix this problem. But let’s first look at how it all began.

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What is Global Better Ads Standard?

Global Better Ads Standard is a campaign to enhance the user’s experience in online advertising and encourage the implementation of Better Ads Standards. We all understand those irritating advertisements that stick to the top of the page, taking over half of the screen. What about those portable pop-up ads that block your entire screen to prevent you from reading the site?

Well, to stop all those irritating advertisements, this coalition was brought up. These advertisements include but are not limited to:

Desktop Ads:

  1. Popup Ads.
  2. Auto-Playing Video Ads with Music.
  3. Prestitial Countdown Ads.
  4. Large Sticky Advertisements.

Mobile Ads:

  1. Popup Ads.
  2. Prestitial Advertisements.
  3. Ad density is higher than 30%.
  4. Animated flashing ads.
  5. Auto-Playing Video Ads with Music.
  6. Prestitial Countdown Ads.
  7. Fullscreen Scroll over Advertisement.
  8. Large Sticky Advertisements.

With this new norm, these advertisements are coming to an end. And by July 9, 2019, Google Chrome will begin blocking those advertisements. If you are interested in more information, please see the better ads standard here.

Now let’s look at what we should do to meet this standard.

How to Comply with Better Ads Standard?

Well, basically just removing placements that don’t meet those requirements is all you should do. Depending on your knowledge, you can do this manually. But there is an instrument to assist you to identify the problem for those who are a little skeptical. That is Google Search Console‘s Ad Experience Report.

Google Search Console Ads Experience Report

Using the Google Search Console Ad Experience Report, you can recognize problematic advertisements that do not meet the Better Ads Standards on your website. Here is the Ad Experience Report introduction video:

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For the first time, when you visit this page, your website will take a queue for review. You will receive a message like this: “Your site’s mobile version has not been checked yet. We suggest that you fix any ad experiences preemptively.” However, you don’t have to wait until the reviews are full, as I told you before. Use Google’s guides to define issues on the following pages:


I understand how difficult it is to keep a website as a publisher. And all the cash that we gain from advertisements, for what we do, is never enough. But on the other side, I believe that advertisements on a website should never be the number one priority. In view of that, I enjoyed the concept behind the Better Ads Coalition somehow. The only thing I didn’t like is news from Google Adsense with no helpful connections or actions to take. I hope you found this post useful and if it was helpful kindly share it with your colleagues. 🙂

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