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650 Sq ft Apartment Interior Design

by Sunbal Razzaq
650 Sq ft Apartment Interior Design

650 Sq ft Apartment Interior Design. My 650-square-foot apartment was subjected to an interior designer’s inspection. Here’s how she’d make it appear larger and more impressive.

650 Sq ft Apartment Interior Design

Months have passed since I moved into my friend’s apartment, but I have yet to make it my own. I had interior designer Ashley McLendon from House of June Interiors virtually review my 650-square-foot Chicago apartment to see how I could improve it. 650 Sq ft Apartment Interior Design Ideas.

Here’s what she had to say about my space and how to improve it:

My living area feels tight and incohesive

The living room is our main gathering place, where I unwind and entertain visitors. To make the space feel more welcoming, I recently added the decorative lantern in the corner and sequined throw pillows on the couch. The rest is furniture from my boyfriend’s previous apartment.

I’m hoping to inject some personality and color into the space, as he has a sleek and minimalistic style that matches the overall look and feel of the apartment.

My main concern is the apartment’s long, narrow layout, which makes it difficult to space out furniture and avoid looking crowded in any one area.

Apartment Living Area

McLendon suggested that I use colourful designer pieces to break up the neutrals

McLendon immediately suggested that I brighten up my living room with some color. “Above the sofa, I think some really cool abstract art would look great. It will add some color to the room and make it feel more complete “she stated. She also suggested that a rug, perhaps in a color that matches the artwork, would help to tie the space together and give it a more cohesive feel.

Because the large coffee table doesn’t fit the narrow space, the designer also suggested a smaller coffee table. She also recommended that I replace my grey sofa with a more contemporary one with metal accents. “I think incorporating silver, gold, or brass to add some depth to the space would be great,” she added.

Apartment Media Wall

There are a few issues with the room’s layout, as well as some underutilised areas

The right-hand side of the room is cluttered with a lamp, TV stand, and mirror, as well as the entrance to the balcony. On the other side of the couch, there are two significant gaps on each side.

entrance to the balcony

I have a lantern and autumnal decor to the left of the couch. I have a herb garden and weights on the right.

Room Decoration Plant
Herb Garden

Need compact additional seating to get more out of my space and add colour

McLendon suggested adding ottomans or poufs for extra seating and color to make my space more functional and vibrant. “They can be moved from room to room as needed,” she explained, “and the right color, texture, or pattern could give your decor that extra pop you need.”

View of City through apartment

She also recommended that I get furniture with doors or cute baskets from Target or Ikea to hide clutter in the left corner of the room. She suggested tucking the mirror behind the snake plant on the left side of the sofa to balance the space. Also recommended that I move my lamp to the right side of the couch.

My outdoor space is sparse and could use a splash of colour

She suggested that I get rid of my old green camping chairs to improve our balcony. She suggested that with a few small additions, such as a rug and some cool patio chairs, I could turn the space into an outdoor oasis.

Apartment Balcony

A caddy for storing products in my shower is required

The mirrors and under the sink in our bathroom have plenty of storage. Because there is no storage in the shower, I keep my shampoo and other essentials on the floor.

Bathroom Color

“A really cool corner shower caddy” that matches the silver finish of the showerhead and faucet is McLendon’s suggested fix. It can both store my belongings and add a decorative element to the room.

The bedroom is probably my least favorite part of the apartment in terms of design

I like the nautical theme, so there’s a painting of sailboats on the wall and a driftwood steering wheel. My TV is on top of a dresser at the foot of the bed because the room is so small.

The main issue is on the right side of the room, where there are several boxes and a broken bedside table that I use for storage. McLendon suggested that I keep the TV on the dresser because it eliminates the need for a separate stand.

Bedroom Decoration for Apartment

She suggested that I upgrade the space without cluttering it by placing a small chair and accent table in the corner where the boxes are.

Our walk-in closet is spacious, but it lacks functionality

The “shoe wall” is currently quite large, but it doesn’t provide much practical storage for my numerous pairs. The designer suggested that I use the plain wall on the left side of my room to create an accent wall of my favorite shoes, a clever trick for fashionistas in need of extra storage.

“You can add some display pegs or wall-mounted boxes depending on the amount of space near that wall,” she said. “Alternatively, you could make a simple Ikea shelf and display some really cool shoe boxes.”

She suggested that I raise the height of my existing shelves and add more to the closet because my flat shoes don’t require all of the space they currently occupy.

Walk in Closet

Our kitchen is well-equipped with storage and counter space, but it’s too plan

I find the space to be too neutral and bare, but I’m unable to add color with artwork due to a lack of empty wall space. So far, I’ve used a floral dish towel and a brightly colored spoon rest to add personality. Ashley recommended that I replace my dark bar stools with lower, counter-height versions.

Apartment Kitchen Space

Colorful stools that pull shades from whatever rug or artwork I end up adding to my living room are needed to keep my space cohesive and bright, she said. She also suggested that a rug or runner in front of the sink, as well as a larger, bolder floral arrangement on the island, would add warmth.

Kitchen Interior for Apartment

McLendon’s parting advice included multifunctional furniture and removable wallpaper

The easiest way to make a statement in a small space, according to McLendon, is to use pops of color and patterns. She suggested I try removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper because it’s a quick and easy way to add interest to a rental.

McLendon also advised me to continue maximizing my space by using multifunctional pieces, such as my dresser as a TV stand.

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