30 Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4 2024

Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

30 Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4. The following ten seeds will significantly improve your gameplay experience on the PlayStation 4 edition of Minecraft. Minecraft on the PlayStation 4 may not be as filled out or have the same features and content as the full PC version, but it does provide a casual setting in which to have fun and relax. Of course, everyone wants to improve their PS4 experience, therefore the availability of seeds to modify your game world is always appreciated.

Minecraft Seeds PS4

When playing Minecraft on PS4, having a few seeds that will set you up for the remainder of the game might be very useful. You need the greatest resources to play the game, whether you’re a miner, an adventurer, a builder, or simply a survivalist. And what better way to ensure you spawn in a fantastic location? Good seeds for Minecraft PS4 can provide players with stunning landscapes, abundant resources, and exciting adventure opportunities. Below is the list of 30 Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4 2024.

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List of 30 Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

The following 30 seeds will work with different versions of the game, so make sure to choose the correct one. There are various Minecraft seeds that players constantly discover and writing them in forums to inform others. To aid you on your journey to a new adventure, we’ve assembled our top 30 recommendations for the best Minecraft seeds for PS4 right here. Here are the most recent Minecraft PS4 seeds:

1. Island Ahoy!


This seed will take some time to properly put into your game, but the rewards will be well worth it, we promise! The player’s quest will begin on a little island. Walking around the boundary allows the pieces to fully load. After that, a monument should arise near the opposite end of the island where sugar cane is grown. Utilize this monument!

Island Ahoy

2. Mesa Biome and Village at Spawn


This highly important seed allows you to spawn fairly close to a settlement, where you may stock up on iron armour and swords at the blacksmith. As you go away from the village, you will notice a variety of biomes, including woodland and mesa.

Go straight down at 114,12,-463 to locate a cluster of eight gems ready for the picking. Learn more about the seed in this video. Minecraft gamers on PS4 can easily try out this seed.

Mesa Biome and Village at Spawn

3. Village Cluster – Minecraft PS4 Seeds


This is a very basic seed for the PS4 version, however, it is really valuable for newcomers to the game. The starting region will have a settlement with a local blacksmith. There are four other communities in the immediate vicinity. Best seeds for Minecraft Ps4. Loot whatever you can get your hands on!

Village Cluster

4. Survival Island – Minecraft PS4 Seeds


Everyone likes good old survival island spawns to fulfil their Castaway fantasies, albeit without the dependable Wilson. If you’re looking for a survival challenge, this small island seed is ideal.

You spawn on a smaller island with a few trees to assist you to gather the necessary equipment. If you walk to the opposite side of the island, among the sugar canes, you will find a monument that will provide you with a large number of resources to fuel your game.

Survival Island

5. Bogged Down Blacksmiths


While looking for a decent survival planet, one user came across this seed completely by chance. The three communities, two of which have fully loaded blacksmiths, and an ocean monument set it apart. All four landmarks are quite near to the spawn.

Bogged Down Blacksmiths

6. Getting Creative


The same person that discovered the previous seed did not locate many landmarks to investigate and loot. While the landscapes may appear desolate, they are actually ideal for a creative game environment. After all, a lack of resources does not have to be a bad thing.

Getting Creative

7. Village Ruins

Village Ruin (-198441644)1.23

This seed will place the player near a solitary settlement with a blacksmith in the centre. Massive forest biomes such as Taiga, mega, roofed, and birch encircle the entire area. If you want to build near the village when you first arrive, there is a lovely plateau near the blacksmith’s position that might serve as a good, towering base.

Village Ruins

8. Shipwreck, Witch Hut, and Swamp Biome


This Minecraft seed places you near a resource-rich area, complete with a shipwreck, a witch’s hut, and two villages each with three blacksmiths, all within a few hundred blocks of the spawn. Seeds for Minecraft on ps4.

A ruined portal, as well as a shipwreck, can also be found at the location. After a brief exploration, you will come across two settlements, each with three blacksmiths and a wealth of materials. These are the greatest Minecraft seeds for Sony PS4 that gamers can use.

Shipwreck, Witch Hut, and Swamp Biome

9. Rare Stronghold


This could be an excellent seed for those who enjoy attempting speed runs in Minecraft. You may easily spot the cave opening that leads to the fortress at 149, 70, and 1499 when you spawn on this planet.

The stronghold itself is stocked with beneficial items, such as two libraries containing six enchanted volumes. It also has five Ender eyes ready to go, making your quest for Endermen a little easier.

Rare Stronghold - Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

10. Mooshroomin – Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4


It’s yet another water-based environment for the player to explore. There are two islands to explore at the spawn. The eastern island has a mesa and mooshroom biome, whereas the western island has taiga, mega, and frigid plains. You can either expand on one or both of them, or you can start an underwater journey.

Mooshroomin - Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

11. Group Together!


This is an unusual seed because it contains so many diverse biomes clustered so closely together. A snow biome, for example, surrounds a jungle biome. To make matters further stranger, there is a hole around the spawn point that looks just like a meteor crater. Villagers reside inside the caves within this hole, and numerous animals are spawning all about.

Group Together - Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

12. Templed – Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4


This is a fantastic seed because it features a village and a water temple so close to your spawn place. You can explore both and loot whatever you can find to help your adventure.

VillageWater temple
X:325 Y:70 Z:374X:39 Y:63 Z:-296

13. Jungle Trek – Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4


Those seeking a basic jungle walk may find this to be an excellent seed for the experience. The spawn contains a variety of biomes, including a hybrid jungle/plains biome with two settlements. Each settlement has a blacksmith, a church, and a library.

Jungle Trek - Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

14. Temple and Ravine at spawn


Temple & Ravine is another useful seed that places you near a temple that contains useful rewards. As you proceed away from the temple, you will notice a ravine in the middle of the desert environment.

The ravine is dangerous, but if you keep looking, you might uncover a few valuable ores inside. Finally, in the desert biome, there is a village with a few additional supplies to assist you with your Minecraft game.

Temple and Ravine at spawn

15. Watered Down – Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4


If you want to reproduce scenes from Waterworld starring Kevin Costner, this in-game seed is definitely your best bet. The entire planet appears to revolve completely around a group of islands, with more ocean than anything else. The spawn does include two ocean monuments, which may be beneficial once completely explored. Underwater structures might be ideal here. Just be cautious!

Watered Down - Best Minecraft Seeds Exclusively for the PS4

16. Desert Utopia


After spawning on this seed, walk west for a minute to uncover a large desert temple and desert settlement. The town’s chests are brimming with treasures to assist you to begin your journey, and the temple is an excellent site to establish your initial home base, with all the necessities nearby.

Desert Utopia

17. Winter Wonderland


This seed will put you in front of a massive ice spike biome, replete with a lava waterfall that strangely doesn’t completely melt all the ice, Minecarft reasoning. This seed is additionally fascinating because of the nearby large cliffs with massive access ways that are perfect for mining. You’ll want to bring a torch because it’s as dark as a Creeper’s soul in there after a few steps in.

Winter Wonderland

18. Mansion Livin


Who says you have to start your game in a filthy cave? Because this seed is situated next to a three-story-tall mansion, your new game can begin in style. After spawning, head southeast for a minute and you’ll notice the mansion perched atop a massive hill.

There are numerous storage chambers with chests waiting to be filled, and by exploring the house a little, you can discover goods in certain chests such as diamond tools, magical books, and much other rare stuff.

The mansion also features gardens on the interior so you can grow your own food, as well as numerous bedrooms, libraries, and big windows with views of the forest below. What more could you ask for?

Mansion Livin - Minecraft Seeds for PS4

19. Island Adventure – Minecraft Seeds for PS4


When you use this seed, you will be spawned on a tranquil tiny island, a great site to start a survival game. There are several more islands nearby, but you’ll need to go to the mainland to collect some materials to create your island house. If you’re weary of starting games in the same biomes, an island seed would be a nice way to change things up.

Island Adventure - Minecraft Seeds for PS4

20. The Giant Chicken Mansion – Minecraft Seeds for PS4


If you enjoyed the previous mansion seed, you might like this one even better. This mansion sits virtually exactly next to your spawn, with a space above for a rooftop deck and 3/4 of a river already encircling it, making it ideal for a moat.

This mansion also has a few eccentricities. On the top floor, in addition to a massive lava lamp housed in glass, you’ll find your own towering chicken statue, exactly like you’ve always wanted. Animal sculptures can occasionally be found in mansions, but this one is a personal favourite and one of the best Minecraft PS4 Seeds.

The Giant Chicken Mansion - Minecraft Seeds for PS4

21. Water Temple – Minecraft Seeds for PS4


After you spawn, proceed to the bottom left corner of the map, via some spikey cliffs, to the open sea. You can visit a large water temple nearby, but keep an eye out for guards. The water temple may be found on the map at X: -386 Y: 34 Z: 419.

Water Temple - Minecraft Seeds for PS4

22. Flatlands


The wonderful thing about this seed is that you will be placed in a variety of flat biomes, making it ideal for whatever creative design you have in mind. Sometimes, the simpler the world, the better.


23. Mountain Town


This charming little town at the base of a mountain is located straight north of your spawn spot. With cobblestone towers towering beside modest wooden shelters, it appears to be the ideal fixer-upper for setting up camp. If you desire a change of view, there is another charming and snowy lakeside town further south at X: 98 Y: 70 Z: 1076.

Mountain Town

24. Irrigation Nation


A farming village with irrigated water systems for cultivating crops is only 10 steps to the left of your spawn. The settlement is surrounded by four biomes, including a lava pool where you can manufacture cobblestone or obsidian. This seed is an excellent site to begin a journey because practically every resource is right outside your door. Best seeds for Minecraft ps4.

Irrigation Nation

25. Prince and the Pauper


As soon as you spawn, proceed east to discover a little town next to a magnificent mansion, indicating that the wealth distribution in this Minecraft seed is quite skewed. These two coordinates are X: 529 Y: 65 Z: 184. You can have fun by camping in the village or the mansion if you think you’re superior to the peasant folk.

With such a diverse environment and a variety of buildings, having both of these spots so close will make for some great builds to add some more character to the community. Best seeds on Minecraft PS4.

Prince and the Pauper

26. Buildings Galore


You’ll spend hours exploring this seed because there are so many buildings to discover. A reasonably large desert village will be just a few feet away from where you spawn, and then just behind you is a mansion lying right against another settlement. A bit further east from this mansion, you’ll find an even larger mansion, as well as a desert settlement replete with a desert temple. Look around this map for at least two more settlements to investigate on top of those already mentioned, making this the ideal compact but dense seed.

Buildings Galore

27. Village Island – PS4 Minecraft Seeds


If you’re looking for a truly unique seed, this one will spawn you on an island with a village on it. Not only that but there’s a massive ocean monument nearby where you may go underwater exploring for resources to strengthen your buildings. There are several additional islands strewn around, so you might attempt joining them all to create an island cluster city for a fun and novel Minecraft survival challenge.

Village Island - PS4 Minecraft Seeds

28. Desert Time Again


This is the next entry in our list of the Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds. If you like the desert biome, this one will spawn you in a snow region next to a desert village. In addition, in the same biome, there is a sand temple and another desert settlement. You could connect them all with sand to form one massive desert metropolis, which would be a great way to start a new Minecraft game. In the temple, you’ll find diamonds, gold, emeralds, and other essential starting materials.

Desert Time Again

29. Giant Mooshroom Island


When you spawn with this seed, glance to your right to see a vast mushroom island waiting for you to explore. Not only that, but a massive estate sits just near the island, and an ocean monument is a few ways out to sea east of the mansion.

Giant Mooshroom Island

30. Island Stronghold – Minecraft Seeds for PS4


You will spawn on a wooded island with a nearby fortress with this top PS4 Minecraft seed. When you get to the smaller side of the island, you’ll notice a wide ravine abyss that you can climb down to discover some stone blocks hiding a massive stronghold. Along with a library, multiple chests contain some solid gear, and this is an excellent spawn if you want to fight the last dragon as quickly as possible without cheating.

Island Stronghold - Minecraft Seeds for PS4

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