Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

Best Plants for Sunny Balcony. You shouldn’t let a lack of outside space prevent you from building your own little arboretum. When looking for the ideal plants for your small outdoor spaces, such as balconies, keep in mind which plants flourish in the sun or shade.

Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

Plants kept on sunny balconies are vulnerable to sun scorch and dehydration, so choose plants that will thrive in sometimes harsh and intense sunshine. Continue reading to discover about the top ten plants for your sunny balcony!

1. Cactuses – Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

This should come as no surprise that the cactus is the best type of plant for a sunny balcony. They thrive in the world’s warmest areas with little cloud cover. As a result, a cactus would be an ideal addition to your sunny balcony (especially if your balcony is south-facing and gets extra sun in the summer months.)

Because cacti can endure sunlight, you aren’t limited to tall, pokey-looking saguaros (though they certainly are spectacular looking amongst a desert landscape.) The Christmas cactus is a lovely vine-like plant that blooms in December, especially in a hot and/or moist environment.

Their flowers might be white, pink, or crimson in colour. They look wonderful in a container on a balcony ledge or flowing down from a hanging planter.

This is most likely what you envision when you think about cacti. They are most common in warm climates such as South America and the West Indies. They resemble trees, with distinct ribs and strong, towering spines. But, they can reach pretty enormous sizes and blossom (but usually at night). Cereus cactus flowers are also incredibly aromatic and lovely!

Cereus are a popular cactus that can be acquired at any local garden centre or home improvement store. This popular cactus is great for beginners. They thrive in full light and heat and are very easy to maintain.

2. Succulents – Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

Succulents are sun-loving, drought-tolerant plants that thrive on a sunny balcony! However, not every succulent enjoys direct, hot sunlight. In fact, many people appreciate some extra shade and water. When shopping for succulents, aim for a genus’ that can withstand heat and sun.

3. Flowers

Flowers are essential when considering the finest plants for a sunny balcony since they may brighten the room with a range of colours. We’ve included a couple of examples below that are ideal for sunny balconies and complement the railing planters shown on this page.

4. Firestick/Pencil Tree Plant

The Euphorbia genus of succulents, which includes the firestick/pencil tree plant, contains around 2,000 different species. The leaves of the Euphorbia Tirucallane (firestick plant) are small, thin, and vividly coloured, resembling twigs or branches. They can look like exposed coral reefs when fully coloured!

The colours of firestick plants range from green to orange. They prefer full sun and require little maintenance once established. While they thrive in heat, they require significantly more water during hot months. They are, however, relatively low-maintenance and simple to care for.

5. Hens and Chicks

The sempervivum succulent, often known as hens and chicks, is a stunning succulent that comes in a wide range of forms and sizes. It derives its name from the way the plant grows in little clusters around the mother plant (like chicks huddled around a mama hen.)

Hens and chicks thrive in direct sunshine, making them an excellent choice for your sunny balcony! They must be potted in well-drained soil because they can not tolerate overwatering and can wither in standing water (which can cause root rot.)

6. Jade Plants

Jade plants, also known as Crassula Ovata, are beautiful succulents with thick, glossy, and smooth leaves ranging from dark jade green to golden yellow. The Jade plants thrive in full sun and require little care.

7. Heathers

Not only does this plant have the same name as an outstandingly bad-good 80s film that was adapted into an off-Broadway musical… Heathers are a wonderful (if perhaps not obvious) choice for a sunny balcony plant.

The heather plant thrives in the sun, and its magnificent spikey bloom look is similar to that of lavender. They thrive in balcony-style hanging pots, but must be protected from strong winds. They also need to be pruned and watered on a regular basis if you want a full, bushy plant. Although, They are scented, like lavender, and attract a lot of bees! (Remember to close your sliding glass door if you don’t want any unexpected bugs in your living room.)

8. Geranium

Geraniums not only have a lovely, floral scent (similar to roses), but they are also the plant of choice in many Mediterranean climes (in countries like Greece). Geraniums thrive in warmer climates and can bloom all year long. They are also easy to maintain. To encourage the flowering of new plants, you must deadhead the plant on a regular basis. If you follow these steps, your sunny balcony geranium will last all year!

9. Lavender – Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

With its long flowing purple-blue flowers that grow happily in sunny locations, lavender is one of the most appealing perennial flowers. Lavender is also drought-tolerant and prefers dry soil. They still require regular watering, but they are more forgiving if you miss a day or two.

Make sure your lavender has plenty of drainages. This sort of flowering plant performs very well close to clear or plexiglass windows or doors since it absorbs the additionally reflected sunshine nicely!

10. Herbs

Certain herbs can survive in direct sunlight! Herbs thrive in little containers and will supply you with aromatic and delectable herbs for your cooking! Many herbs, such as thyme, sage, rosemary, chives, basil, and mint, are sun lovers and will thrive on a sunny patio. What’s the catch? Because they are prone to root rot, they must be watered frequently and planted in well-drained soil.

11. Thyme

This sweet and fragrant herb enjoys the sun and will grow on a sunny balcony. Thyme may be grown indoors or outdoors and prefers well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-8.0. Don’t be alarmed; thyme is relatively easy to maintain when given full sun & regular watering sessions.

In light of this, thyme is one of the more drought-resistant perennial herbs. It’s a great herb for beginners and will make your balcony smell amazing! It’s also great on chicken, in a stew, or sprinkled over mac and cheese (trust us on this last one.)

12. Strawberries – Best Plants for Sunny Balcony

You might not imagine decorating your balcony with these delicious red berries, but they can thrive and colour a sunny balcony space! They are one of many fruits that may be grown in pots, containers, or hanging baskets, making them excellent for a patio or balcony.

13. Fruit and Vegetable Plants

During the hot summer months, certain fruits and vegetables grow. You can surely load your balcony with sun-loving fruits and vegetables during these seasons!

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